destiny rise of iron expansion

Rise of Iron & Iron Wolves

Reddit user RWeav2 leaked this image which appears to be official. It doesn’t give us much, but Saladin will likely be a focal point. We can see Lord Saladin wielding a flaming battleaxe atop a snowy cliff, surrounded by his trusted allies.

According to Kotaku, a source told them that the “Rise of Iron expansion will feature a new raid (likely Fallen-themed) and will be larger than both year-one DLC packs.”

The Iron Lords are all but gone, but this expansion could explore the stories of the Iron Wolves – Weyloran, Colovance, Finnala, Deidris, Haakon, Nirwen, Ashraven, Bretomart, and Tormod. “The Iron Wolves, like the Iron Lords, came to the Last City’s defense during one of its darkest hours. Little is known about the Iron Wolves or their relation to the Iron Lords, except that one day the Wolves gathered beneath an Ironwood tree and swore an unbreakable oath.”

What are you most looking forward to?