destiny rumble pro tips

Rumble Pro Tips

(Rumble talk starts at 50:58)

This week, Crucible Radio interviewed AstDroid – newest member of the elusive clan known as 13 Devils.

AstDroid ranks in the top 10 on multiple Crucible game modes, and currently sits at #7 overall on Playstation 4 in the Rumble playlist.



For many, free-for-all modes can seem hectic and anxiety-inducing. Somehow, AstDroid finds it relaxing. Is he crazy? Maybe, but it’s something any player can experience. The best way to approach Rumble as a beginner is to accept the fact that reaching the top of the scoreboard is never guaranteed, even for high skill players. Approaching the playlist with a goal to simply get a feel for the flow before trying to win every game will help reduce the chaos and make it a stress-free experience.

Careful vs. Aggressive

It’s easy to assume that in an every-man-for-himself scenario, the player who sees the most action will win. While there is truth to this statement, it often encourages players to move aggressively and carelessly, always sprinting forward in search of the next kill. Because any enemy can spawn anywhere on the map, this leads to a lot of needless deaths.

While remaining in the action is important, it’s equally important to remain out of harm’s way from others while chasing down an enemy. Carelessly charging after a weakened enemy can lead you right into the shotgun of another Guardian just waiting around the corner.

Every Tool is Important

In other game modes, the occasional grenade tossed into a room simply to check for enemies can be perfectly fine. In Trials, a player might never use their tether or self-revive because they were planning on using it defensively and it wasn’t needed. In Rumble, this can be the difference between first and second place – and often is. Try to set a personal goal when throwing grenades: only throw it if you’re sure an enemy will take damage. Avoid needless tosses that leave you defenseless only seconds later when a grenade would have come in handy.

Do Snipers Have a Place?

Certainly! Some players simply prefer sniping in every scenario. It’s quite arguable that on certain maps, they’ll have a much harder time; arenas like Cauldron and Thieves Den can make sniping very difficult with such confined spaces and short sight lines. The key to sniping in Rumble is to prepare yourself for close-quarters-combat when it comes to you.

This falls heavily on your primary and melee, but also on your grenades – use them as spacers to keep shotgunners away from you. The best primaries to pair with a sniper are The Last Word or Doctrine of Passing, which can give shotguns a run for their money up close.

It’s All About Points

Yes, kills are of the utmost importance. But it is actually possible for a player to finish in 1st place with less kills than the player in 2nd. This is because like all Crucible modes except Elimination, players receive small increments of bonus points for headshot kills, ability kills, multi-kills, and super usage. These small increments can really add up.

Dying has only one negative impact to the Rumble game: it reduces the amount of time a player can spend getting points. K/d is almost a non-factor.

This is why it’s especially important to avoid rushing in hap-hazardly. Maybe backing off and settling on the assist (and staying alive as a trade) will pay off big time seconds later. Always keep points in mind when throwing down in Rumble – you might be surprised by the scoreboard at the end.

Be sure to check out AstDroid’s interview on the show, and stay tuned in to Crucible Radio for more PvP tips and strategies. Thanks for listening!