Rise of Iron Recap

While there’s certainly going to be more secrets to uncover once Rise of Iron launches, here’s what we’ve learned so far:

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Floating Gardens is a new Crucible Map set on Venus, designed to be both a shrine and a recycling center for the Vex – a place where those too damaged to remain functional go to return their materials. It features three lanes of conflict converging on a central point, and includes a bridge, a variety of cover structures, and a waterfall of Vex “milk”.

Icarus is the new Playstation Exclusive Crucible Map, the center of a massive solar power array on Mercury. It’s a large, circular map featuring an open outer ring as well as interior hallways and tunnels leading to what Bungie’s team has called “the meat grinder” at the center.

Rise of Iron is set to include dozens of new Legendary Weapons, including brand new Vendor weapons, as well as the return of some old Year 1 favorites. Particularly notable are the return of a Matador-class Shotgun at the Dead Orbit vendor and a new legendary Scout Rifle in the same class as the MIDA Multi-Tool.

Rise of Iron’s new strike showcases yet more experimentation from Bungie’s design team, including branching pathways that change with every run and a combination of bosses designed to make camping and sniping a thing of the past.

Almost all Exotic Weapons and Armors, as well as many Legendary armors will be getting new “skin” modifications called Ornaments, which can dramatically change the way your gear looks, to the point of being unrecognizable. In addition, we’ve had glimpses of some amazing new Exotic Weapons, including the Trespasser Exotic Sidearm, the Nemesis Star Exotic Machine Gun, and an unnamed SIVA-infused Pulse Rifle likely associated with the Raid.

Private Matches are finally coming to Destiny, and could be here sooner than you think! With Update 2.4 going in on September 8th and hints about Destiny’s new PVP mode being debuted ahead of the release (as happened with The Taken King last year), now is not the time to go in blind. We’ve got all the important details on how Private Matches (and Supremacy) will work right here!

That’s right, Destiny is getting a new Edition, and it could be the last for this incarnation of the franchise. New and returning players can get up-to-date on all Destiny content for just $60, including Rise of Iron! We also have the details on the new Playstation Exclusives, including the Show of Strength questline, the Timeless Tereshkova ship, and Icarus, the new PVP Map.

Felwinter Peak is the ancient temple of the Iron Lords, and Destiny’s newest social space. It’s home to new secrets, new vendors, and new things to buy, do, and see.

Did you ever feel like Artifacts were just sort of tacked on? Wonder what purpose they served in the game? So did we, and Bungie has heard the community’s questions. The new Iron Lord Artifacts have mind-blowing powers and game-altering effects, and they are set to turn the way we play on its head.

We don’t know much about Destiny’s newest raid – only Bungie and a few NDA-bound journalists do right now. But we do know a few things! We know there will be a Death Zamboni, and some kind of elevated gondola ride. We also know a bit about Bungie’s raid design philosophy this time around (hint: the theme is “collision”). And we sure as heck know how to get ready for that Day 1 Raid!