The Revelry: A Celebration of Being Alive

Spring has sprung, and Eva Levante has returned to the Tower! This time, Eva has brought along a plethora of gorgeous decorations, plants, and flowers, as well as a new activity, The Verdant Forest, which is a revamped version of The Haunted Forest from the Festival of the Lost last year. There are new triumphs and armor sets to unlock, as well as the exotic linear fusion rifle Arbalest, which I’ll go over later. Over all, this post will serve as a summary of the Revelry event.

Upon loading in to the Tower, I recommend your first step is to just look at the decorations, seriously. Both the main landing area and the space by Eva and Ikora have been decorated. If you play without game audio or low game audio, try turning it up, as well, because there’s ambient insect and bird noises that add a wonderful layer of magic to the spaces.

After you’re done admiring the decorations, or if you want to jump straight to the action, talk to Eva Levante. She’ll give you a tonic to drink, which gives you three options to choose from:

  1. Grenade Boost
  2. Melee Boost
  3. Class Ability Boost

Each of these tonics boosts the recharge rate of the respective ability, and requires Reveler’s Essence to consume.  Personally, I found the grenade recharge to be the most useful but you might find it to be different. When the buff is active, it shifts your ability cooldown to be about 5 seconds long, and it is incrementally shortened with each event armor piece you put on.

Once you choose an option and drink, you’ll have your respective buff for an hour. After drinking, Eva will also give you a bounty to take, which will unlock the actual Verdant Forest activity itself. It is available in the directory under the menu for the Tower, the same way that the Haunted Forest was.

The Verdant Forest is much, much easier than the Haunted Forest. It is very easy to reach branches of 30, 40, or even far more, even if you’re solo-queueing. But the important thing about the Verdant Forest to remember is that once you hit a certain point, it won’t actually benefit you anymore. You get seconds added to your time for each kill you get and branch you unlock, but after branch 30 or 40 or so, the amount of time you get ceases to count for the boss fights that happen at the end. It’s possible to run an unlimited number of branches, but bear in mind it isn’t benefiting you after a while.

After the timer runs out and you are transported to the boss room, you have a certain amount of time to defeat up to 5 bosses. The number of bosses you defeat has an impact on the amount of loot you’ll receive. 3 bosses or less and you’ll get blue drops and Reveler’s Essence, but legendaries and event armor can drop from chests if you kill 4 or 5 bosses. If you run 30 or 40 branches, it’s very easy to have enough time in the boss room.

As far as the loot itself goes, there are two armor sets to chase, as well as some ornaments and of course, Arbalest. There’s lots of Eververse drops, as well, like emotes, shaders, ships, and transmat effects. There’s also an emblem for unlocking all the triumphs, and some rare emblems that can drop in the Forest itself.

One of the armor sets comes from Eververse, and the Jubilant event engrams that drop alongside bright engrams. This set is called the Vernal Growth set. The set that drops from bounties and finishing rounds in the Verdant Forest is called Inaugeral Revelry. Both give you the benefit of boosting the effects of the tonics; if you are wearing four pieces of the armor, you have near constant abilities available.

The linear fusion rifle Arbalest requires two things to acquire it. You must earn at least 300 Reveler’s Essence, and complete the “Party Hard” triumph, which is to complete any 7 Revelry triumphs. Planet Destiny will have an in-depth review of Arbalest soon.

The Revelry will be active until May 6th, 2019.