radegast's fury rocket review

Radegast’s Fury Review

A rocket launcher forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner.

Radegast’s Fury is a Legendary heavy rocket launcher.

This weapon is only available for acquisition during the Iron Banner.


The good: Highest blast radius.

The bad: Below average reload speed, small magazine, lowest rate of fire.

Conclusion: Better suited for PvE; nothing special in PvP.

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This is a Legendary Weapon
Rocket Launcher (Heavy Weapon)
Solar Base Damage/Upgraded302/331
Quality Lvl60
Rate of Fire
Blast Radius
Magazine Size

Aim Assist
Equip Speed
Recoil Direction

Talent Upgrades Tree

You can see each of the possible perks that this weapon has on its database page.

If you don’t enjoy the perks it has, simply reroll them! It come standard with Solar damage, but it can be changed to Arc or Void using the reforging process.


Weapon Review

Radegast’s Fury is a Legendary heavy rocket launcher that is acquired exclusively during the Iron Banner event.

Because you can reroll the perks, you have the chance to make it perfect for your playstyle and preferences.


Recommended Perks

Column 2

Cluster Bomb will basically turn your Radegast’s into a Hunger of Crota. Less powerful than Wolfpack Rounds, cluster bombs don’t track their target causing a lot of their damage to whiff. In the Crucible, Radegast’s Fury has enough of a blast radius to kill most targets with its initial payload. This perk is better suited to PvE, where it’s bound to cause extra damage, but it’s not terrible for PvP.

Grenades and Horseshoes allow rockets to detonate based on proximity, which is invaluable for PvP. This perk will pick up kills you would have otherwise missed. If you’re looking to take Radegast’s into Crucible, roll for this perk.

Surplus is a solid perk, netting you double ammo on pick ups. This perk is excellent in PvP and PvE because it’ll let the Radegast’s do more of what you want it to do.

Tripod is another extremely useful perk. Tripod will allow you to burst larger bosses quicker and clean up adds without the constant need to reload. In PvP it’ll have you ready for the next guardian that turns a corner too fast.

Tracking, while not as aggressive as the perk on Truth or Gjallarhorn, is still a good option. This perk shines in PvP where your targets are extremely mobile. In PvE this perk still has its uses in swatting pesky Wizards or other mobile targets from far ranges.

Column 4

Heavy Payload is exactly what you’re looking for in rocket launchers. Usually, this perk is a no-brainer, but with Radegast’s, the blast radius is so high that the benefit is minor. It’ll help, but not by much.

Flared Magwell, on most heavy weapons, makes a considerable difference. Reload is more important in PvP, where getting caught when reloading is usually a death sentence. For PvE, you’ll probably be reloading under cover, and saving time isn’t quite as important when you’re safe.

Javelin is arguably the best perk here. Radeghast’s biggest weakness is in its middling velocity. Having a raw boost to the stat means that there’s less time for enemy counter play. In on the battleground and in crucible, enemies won’t have time to react before they’re dust.

Field Scout could be considered the second best, for the same reason that Tripod works well.

Column 5

Grenadier is better suited to PvE. For people with high discipline builds, the Grenadier perk might be an obvious pick up. In PvP you won’t typically won’t be getting enough kills to make this perk shine.

Spray and Play is such a phenomenal perk on rocket launchers, increasing reload speed by 50%. Rocket launchers have a universally low magazine. Even if you’re running Tripod or Field Scout, you’re likely to empty Radegast’s magazine quickly, and you’ll be stuck in reload frames with enemies barring down on you. This situation is so frequent with rocket launchers that you’re bound to get tons of use out of this perk.

Who’s Next is a higher risk/higher reward version of Spray and Play. It only activates on the condition that you down a target with your final round and that scenario is bound to be more likely with a rocket launcher than most other weapons. Who’s Next provides a more powerful reload speed buff at 150%.

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The Good

The best of the rocket launchers shine though this weapon. It has a devastating blast radius, occupying the highest blast radius possible, tied with Dragon’s Breath, Valedictorian 9-44, and a few others.

On top of that, rockets are sent souring with great velocity in each round. Compared to Valedictorian 9-44, which has the lowest velocity, Radegast’s Fury is about average.

The reload time isn’t great, and again faster than Valedictorian 9-44. It’s got a base reload speed of 3 seconds which you could speed up with Flared Magwell.

Basically this weapon does everything you want a rocket launcher to do: Rounds travel fast and explode to do massive damage over a large space.

Bizarrely, this weapon seems most suitable for PvE. Its massive punch is much more viable against taking out a large groups of enemies, which is more common outside of the Crucible.

Is it the best Legendary rocket launcher for PvE? Of course depending on what perks you happen to roll, it could be.


The Bad

Unfortunately Radegast’s Fury does have some very dramatic drawbacks to compensate for its better qualities.

As mentioned above, its reload speed is below average. What’s not only below average, but downright horrible, is its stability and rate of fire.

Each rocket hits very hard, but initially you only get one before you need to reload. Even with the Tripod perk, since it has the slowest rate of fire of all rocket launchers, it still feels sluggish to use.

Even though its stability is really low (the second-lowest), that’s isn’t such a huge issue, especially if you’ve only got 1 round in the magazine. Speaking of the magazine size, one rocket is all you’ll require sometimes, but you’ll hate the moments when you wish you could fire off another one quickly. Tripod might be a necessity for you, which most rocket launchers don’t need.

Radegast’s Fury simply is not very effective against other Guardians. Its massive blast radius is unnecessary in the Crucible, and lacks any initial perks that make it useful for PvP.

In PvE it’s not the worst choice, but it certainly can’t compete with the Hunger of Crota or even Hezen Vengeance, which ironically has very similar stats but better perks.



Depending on what you want from a rocket launcher, Radegast’s Fury could be everything you’re looking for. It’s got a great blast radius, which obviously means it’s going to do some massive damage to whoever is on the other end.

If you like average velocity rockets that quake the entire area, and don’t mind not needing another shot lined up right away, this is perfect for you. If you want something snappier with a higher velocity, try out the One Way Ticket 000.

Ultimately it comes down to the perks, but because of the base stats, it’s not a great weapon for PvP. We recommend using machine guns in PvP anyway since they’ll almost always allow you to get more kills than a few rockets.

For PvP this weapon earns a 6.8/10 and for PvE a 7.5/10.