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PvP Legends First Tournament

FarCognitions, the founder of the world’s biggest Destiny Tournaments, is proud to announce a partnership with pvp.planetdestiny.pcinvasion.com

PvP Legends will be  focused around the competitive community of Destiny’s Crucible. It will consist of tourney information, registration, rules, a bracket system and more!

FarCognitions has been running Destiny tournaments for over a year, and with his recent partnership with Planet Destiny, the scene is moving to a whole new level.

I decided to combine forces with Planet Destiny so I can make better tournaments for the community with set rules, guidelines & proper management skills. The emergence of private matches has sparked a fire in the competitive Destiny community’s heart.

The PvP Legends tournament features and interface won’t be fully realized for a few months. In the meantime, we decided to host Destiny tournaments using very simple third-party software. The first tournament will be on November 12th – details on how to sign up coming soon.

We have the teams, the players and the community for competitive Destiny” said Poshy of team God Squad.

We just haven’t gotten the chance to show the true excitement behind high level PVP and hope to do so with the world. I’m really excited to see what FarCog can do now that he is merging with an organization that has lots of resources. I’m confident that he will also do what is best.”