Prophecy Dungeon | Complete Guide

This past Tuesday, Season of Arrivals released, along with a brand new Dungeon, arguably the most creative we’ve seen so far. So, how do you beat it? We will detail every encounter in the dungeon Prophecy below, along with recommendations on the best weapons to use.

Suggested Weapons

Before we start, let’s go over potential loadouts. These loadouts can be used through out the entire dungeon, or switched up where you see appropriate. I personally used these to complete the dungeon, but your preferences may differ.

The weapon loadouts are below:

Witherhoard – Recluse – 21% Delirium

Mountaintop – Riskrunner – Wendigo GL3

Randy’s Throwing Knife – Loaded Question – Anarchy

Again, feel free to swap things out where you like. From the above loadouts, weapons like Witherhoard and Anarchy provide damage over time, which is always useful. Mountaintop, Wendigo and Loaded Question are fantastic for boss DPS and especially damaging Echo Knights. Riskrunner works great against Taken due to the arc splash damage, and Recluse and Randy’s are good for dealing with mobs- Recluse close up, and Randy’s at a distance.


The opening sequence to the dungeon is essentially a forgiving crash course in what you will be doing for the rest of your journey through Prophecy. As you venture deeper inside you will see two Wells of Light, one dark and one light. In order to progress further, you will need to defeat Taken Knight Echoes in the area, collect the motes that drop from their bodies and deposit them inside the Wells. They will drop either Light motes or Dark motes, dependent on whether you are standing in the light or in the shade. You will see an indicator of what motes will drop through a shroud of either light or darkness around your screen. Kill the Taken Knight Echoes when you have the right indicator, pick up 5 of the type of mote you need, and you will enter 3rd person view. Run into the corresponding Well of Light and press the button linked to firing your weapon. You will need to do this in two separate rooms to progress.

Phalanx Echo

Once you are past the second room you will approach a Kell Echo. It is immune, but as you approach, it will teleport away and lead you towards the first serious encounter, the Phalanx Echo. The Phalanx Echo will be shielded when you first approach it; the mechanics from the previous section are the key to taking down its shield. Defeat Knight Echoes in the light or dark to get the corresponding motes and dunk them in the Wells of Light. Do this for all three Wells of Light, and the shield will come down, allowing you to deal damage to the boss. Taken Goblins will also spawn and shield the boss, so make sure you take them out as well. It seems you have around 45-50 seconds to DPS the boss here, after which the shield will come back up if you haven’t defeated it. If the shield comes back up, then repeat the process until it has been defeated. 


Once you have defeated the Phalanx Echo, you will find yourself in the Wasteland, an amazing zone to explore. As you pass through it, you will see mobs and Taken Blights. Destroy the Taken Blights in order to progress through the Wasteland and open the door to the next encounter. You will see Toland (a ball of light) by each of the Blights. After destroying one, he will fly off to the next area you need to clear. Once all areas are done, you will be led to the next encounter.


Once again, everything you have done up until this point will come into play. There is no singular boss this time; the area instead contains a puzzle. You now have 4 different Wells of Light, however one of them will have Toland above them. The objective of this entire encounter is to kill Echo Knights, collect the motes and bank at the well Toland is above. Once you dunk the motes into the correct Well of Light, run to the middle platform and the map will shift into a different perspective. If Toland is above the middle platform, you can bank at any Well and then go to the platform to shift the perspective and get Toland above a different well. This needs to be done six times, as the name of the encounter suggests. Once you’ve done the sixth side, two yellow bar bosses will spawn. Burn them down and the encounter is complete.


Back in the Wasteland, but this time you just need to follow the Echo Kell as it teleports. It will eventually lead you to a doorway to reach the next area.


Possibly the most stunning part of the dungeon, the Singularity area has you traversing a “Journey” like experience. It’s hard to put into words and I don’t want to describe it in too much detail. It’s better left experienced for yourself. The objective here is to just follow the path to the final boss room. No mechanics, no loot, just gorgeous scenery. 

Kell Echo

When you make it through Singularity, you’ll find yourself in the final encounter. The Kell Echo you’ve been chasing this entire dungeon is finally within your grasp. Once more, you will be collecting motes from Echo Knights and depositing in Wells of Light. This time, you’ll have three Wells to fill up. By each Well, there is a shadow of the Kell Echo. The shadow will disappear when you bank the motes, spawning an Ogre. Defeat the Ogre and repeat for the other two Wells. Once you’ve banked at all three Wells of Light, go to the middle platform and you will be teleported to the boss DPS phase.

Here, you need to be aware of a few different factors. The Kell Echo will continually teleport further away from you throughout the DPS phase, so make sure not to stay stationary. This is especially important as the further away it gets from you the, less damage you will do, thanks to a debuff called Dark Entropy. As you get close, the stacks of Dark Entropy will decrease, but once it teleports further back, they will go back up unless you continue pushing up towards it. If you let it get past 10 stacks, you’ll die. While all of this is happening, it will also be firing a teleporter at you. If the teleport hits, it sends you back to the beginning of the stage. So you need to do boss DPS, make sure you’re close, avoid the teleporter and make sure you take out the Taken Hobgoblin snipers that are around the map; they can be deadly. There does not seem to be any kind of Enrage timer, so take your time and do as many phases as you need to defeat the Echo Kell. My team did it within 5 phases on the day Prophecy was released with Power levels ranging from 1028 to 1040. As we all level up, we’ll inevitably finish much faster in the future.

That is it! Defeat the Kell Echo, claim your loot and become Legend, Guardians!