No Pre-Launch Reviews

According to PolygonBungie and Activision have decided to ship out review copies for their game for arrival on Monday, Sept. 8. This is obviously not enough time for the majority (if not all) of the critics to really dig into the game and give an accurate review. It also wouldn’t make much sense for there to be early reviews for such a massive game when 99% of the players won’t be online. 

Thankfully with the Beta everyone got to do their own personal review, and the final game will probably have many improvements and fixes from all the data gathered from the Beta. 

Most of your reading this probably are getting the game regardless of this decision by Bungie/Activison anyway, right?

Update: It looks like this Friday’s Weekly Update will be extra special!

[divider] In other news, if you haven’t dug into Destiny’s Planet View, definitely check it out. This is the first time a video game world has been mapped using Google’s tool. Here’s some interesting images from it (that may contain spoilers):

Live Action Trailer coming?