Poll: What Subclass are you Most Interested In?

A couple weeks ago we asked what everyone’s favorite weapon choice was, and the results are very interesting. It’s likely that Bungie will adjust the Pulse Rifle and Hand Cannon, as it seemed the majority of the beta players didn’t enjoy them.


This week’s poll has to do with the classes themselves, and specifically the 6 subclasses. What subclass are you going to focus on? Which one looks most entertaining/interesting to you guys? Each are diverse and might be better used in certain situations, but if you had to choose just 1, which would take the cake?

Which would be your “lock-in” choice? If you need to see each Super ability before casting your vote, this video shows all of them.

[polldaddy poll=8240287]

DattoDoesDestiny also gives some skill builds that he thinks will be the most useful in PvP in this video, along with some opinions about the weapons.

For more information about each level 15 subclass, check out this article. Also head over to DestinyDB.com and create some builds.