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PlanetDestiny Database [BETA]

Published on: Nov 19, 2014 @ 23:29

I’m pleased to announce the public release of our Destiny database is finally here!

If you’ve seen our massive Dark Below/House of Wolves expansion article, which was linked at IGN & EuroGamer among other places, you’ve probably already seen our database.

It’s still in its beta phase, and we’re working on adding much more to it. We’ll keep those changes a secret for now, but know that it’s certainly not finished.


We’ve tried to make using it as easy as possible, and we’d love to hear your feedback about our initial release. We’ve also optimized it for mobile devices!

Currently there are 3 main categories: Items, Vendors, and Bounties.


When first viewing the database, it’ll default into the items category. This will show you every single item in the entire game (some obviously not yet obtainable until the expansions).

Bounties are also shown in this category, but are categorized in the Bounties section (more on that below).

As you can see, there’s over 60 pages of items, but you can narrow down your results.

Upgrade Unlocks

On item pages with upgrades, such as the 347 Vesta Dynasty for example, we let you know how much XP you’ll need to have before you can unlock each perk.

This is an exact XP amount, which currently is exclusive to our database.

Item Quality

  • Almost every weapon with a quality level of 60 is currently obtainable in the game.
  • The items confirmed to be coming in The Dark Below have this image: dark below symbol


If you’re looking for something specific, you can use the search feature. This will allow you to easily find what you need. It searches the name as well as the description.

So if you’re looking for the new manufacturers weapons, those that are earned through “glory in the Crucible” – you can use that search term and find all of those weapons on one page.

Or let’s say you want to see all of the Trials of Osiris items, you can use the search term “Trials of Osiris” to see all of the related items (weapons, armor, & vehicles).

If you’d like to read an article about something, our site’s search feature is also very robust. There’s tons of in-depth articles that have scrolled off the homepage.


Categories allow you to break up items exactly how you’d like. The default category shows every single item, but simply hover over the category list to choose what type of item you’d like to see.

Not only are there tier categories, used to only show items of X quality, but item-specific categories.

Let’s say you want to search the armor in Destiny: Hover over the category list and choose Armor.

database destiny armorIf you’d like, you can further separate the armor by armor type, as well by class. If you only want to see Titan helmets of Exotic quality, showing the highest Light rating first, you can totally do that.

Similarly with weapons, you can separate them by archetype & quality. You can also order them in ascending and descending order (defaults to alphabetical order).

Want to see Exotic, Legendary, and Rare Pulse Rifles that have the quickest reload speed? No problem.



As you’d expect, this section of the database shows the vendors in Destiny and what you’ll be able to trade with them.

Let’s use New Monarchy for example.

As you can see, we show you everything that the vendor has and will eventually have (such as the ship or Exotic class items), separated into item type.


The default Bounties section shows all of them. As mentioned above, bounties can also be viewed in the Items section, since they are “items” after all.

To try and simplify things, we’ve added categories for them so you can see specific types, such as the new ones from Eris Morn – which will increase your Crota’s Bane reputation.


What we don’t show is hidden items, which either are incomplete or removed from the database. The items with broken images are the ones that have been removed.

This section can be particularly useful for people who want to see what’s brand new. Items in this section are nowhere near being completed though, and many don’t even have a proper name/description.

We used this section to show you guys an exclusive first look at Treasure Maps, which we explain further in this article.


If you’d like to see the newest items, you can add “?sort=added&desc=1” to the end of the URL.

This will show you the newest additions to the database. We update the database many, many times a day, so you can be sure that that link will always have the newest entries.


We hope you enjoy our new (mobile friendly) database! As always, we appreciate any and all feedback you have for us.

It’s still in its beta phase and will be improved over time,  but if you have any suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts!