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PD Twitch Channel – Live

Published on: May 11, 2015 @ 19:16

After many requests, we’ve finally started our Twitch stream @¬†


We’re Hiring*

*If you don’t mind working for free!

This is a brand new venture for us, so we’re still learning about the intricacies of Twitch and how to best set everything up. With Twitch, we’re aiming to interact with you guys more, and hopefully¬†you will see a new side of the PD staff that you may not get to see in the YT videos.

Currently we’re aiming to stream each day, and you can find our streaming schedule here. The plan is to have each member of PD stream as much as possible, and we’ll sometimes be in a party together so that you guys can talk to multiple PD members at once.

Being that we’re just starting fresh, we’ll need help with the chat staff as well, so be sure to reply to this article if you’re interested in helping out – make sure to include your Twitch username. You’d primarily be responsible for helping answering questions.

Finally, if you have any tips or suggestions for how to make the stream better, please don’t hesitate to share your feedback!