pantheon trials tips

Pantheon Trials Tips

pantheon trials tips



This map was built for people to fight down three distinct ‘lanes’; you’ll find the majority of fights are split between waterfall and cube, or a mixture of the two. Fights are rare outside at bottom heavy, and usually only occur during heavy rounds.

95% of teams would have at least 2 snipers on their team, and these would challenge either straight down hallway from Blue/Red Short or from Blue/Red Open. This ended up in a battle of scopes, and who had the quicker shot on the opposing sniper.

This was best combated by either a dab-hand with a sniper rifle, or pushing cube and court and staying in cover, away from the sniper line-of-sight, and closing the gap between you and them for a close quarter battle.


  • from ‘Blue Short’ to ‘Red Short’
  • from ‘Blue Open’ to ‘Red Open’ (The special boxes on either side)
  • from ‘Blue Outside’ to ‘Red Outside’



This was especially tough to accomplish on this map without practice, map knowledge and good use of cover. As I mentioned earlier, with the sniper lanes providing an easy way to counter enemy teams, you had to be exceptionally quick and use all available cover to get up in your opponent’s face. Once there, it was easy enough to take a team down, especially if you were able to shut their escape down with grenades.

For these strategies I would stay away from hallway ‘Red/Blue Short’ and instead push out into cube hugging the left wall, or go down outside towards bottom heavy, and use this to flank, or to jump up into Court from a surprising angle.


RockyWrecks’ Tips

To avoid getting into those awkward sniper battles in the main lanes, I’ve been pushing into the center of the map and either jumping on the box or staying down low to get an angle. This way, the sniping lanes I create are less predictable and I can catch my opponents off guard and it enables your team to take control of the capture point, as well as gain lines of sight on the majority of the map to provide support; it’s been working out really well so far.

For the most part I’ve been hopping up to the box in top center for the first round every game to try to get a quick snipe off on an unsuspecting opponent. If they had no idea where I was then I’ll try it again in round 2, otherwise I’ll go bottom center in round 2 so I can catch them off guard while they wait for me to jump up on the box. After that I just go to the center and keep an eye on my radar before deciding what to do. I’ve found that if you push center effectively in the first two rounds, the other team will usually decide not to challenge and will just push waterfall – which gives my team a huge advantage and typically results in us winning.

The only game we’ve actually lost while playing this strategy was against another team doing the exact same thing. All 3 of them pushed into center and fanned out in different directions and were able to pick us off one at a time. They controlled the center more effectively because they were using scout rifles (two of us were using The Last Word) – so we ended up on the defensive in our spawn for most of the game. We won a round by having two of us push all the way through waterfall and leaving 1 person back to gain multiple angles on them. But by that point it was too late and they won the final round with supers.