How to Get Outbreak Perfected

This article serves a complete guide on how to obtain the Exotic Pulse Rifle Outbreak Perfected, a successor to Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Outbreak Prime. We’ve included details on how to start the quest, the steps that follow, as well as explanations and strategies for the encounters in the associated mission.

Complete the mission “Enemy of my Enemy,” which you can pick up from Sloane on Titan.

Step 1: The Fallen Transponder

Accept the heroic adventure “Bad Neighbors” on Titan, and continue through the mission until you encounter a Shrieker. In the room directly behind it, turn left and open the door in front of you. Inside, there will be a Fallen Transponder item. Picking it up will start the quest.

Step 2: The Nodes

Credit goes to u/irjustineee for images 1-5 and u/lawsonguy75 for image 6, as well as a collective effort from the RaidSecrets Discord server [1][2] for locating the nodes, solving the steps, and completing the mission.

Six nodes must be collected from Lost Sectors on Earth and Nessus. They are as follows:

Node 1: The Drain, EDZ

Node 2: Whispered Falls, EDZ

Node 3: Atrium, EDZ

Node 4: Widow’s Walk, EDZ

Node 5: The Carrion Pit, Nessus

Node 6: The Rift, Nessus

Step 3: Find Mithrax

Go to the Farm, and upon spawning in, head right to a basement entrance along the wall of a building. At the bottom, Mithrax will be crouching in the corner, offering for you to rendezvous with him.

Step 4: Complete Zero Hour Mission

Be well prepared before starting this. The recommended light level is 690, and there’s a time limit of twenty minutes to complete it. It will likely take multiple runs to learn the path correctly, and even after doing so will present a sizable challenge. A fireteam of three is recommended, though skilled players may pull it off with two, and eventually somebody will manage to solo it. Below is a basic outline of the mission and explanation of the puzzles and boss mechanics. We have also provided a video guide at the end of this article, offering a more visual reference for both Node collection, as well as the complex jumping puzzle. Enjoy!

Zero Hour Mission Walkthrough

Recommended Loadout: Kinetic Sniper/Mountaintop, any primary Energy weapon, Whisper of the Worm and a damage-dealing super.

When you spawn in, simply press forward until you reach an open area with a large group of enemies. In every area you encounter, you must clear all enemies present before you will be able to continue. The biggest threat in most of these encounters are snipers, so it’s a good idea to clear them out before focusing on the shorter range enemies. Enemies possess all three shield types, so one player running Arbalest or even Hard Light can be helpful, as the other members will want to conserve their Whisper ammo at all costs, since heavy drops are sparse.

After the combat areas, there will be a large open area with a transport ship at the lowest spot. Underneath this ship is a vent leading to a lengthy parkour section, followed by a maze-like puzzle. While the maze is not very difficult to navigate, the main threat comes in the form of a roaming security drone that will charge and kill you, should you be in its patrol path. To avoid it, there are vents in which to hide along the walls, as well as a large open area over a pit that can be used to cross to the other side of the maze. In u-shaped side corridors on the left and right side of the maze, there will be a total of four levers that must be activated to open the exit, which you can find by just following the path straight, away from where you first entered. While these corridors can be used to dodge the patrol drone, it does occasionally go down them, so it’s not a foolproof strategy. Activating the levers will also cause electric barriers to block the pathways intermittently, making it harder to avoid the drone.

Passing through the exit will put you in the final stretch, starting with some faulty elevators that must be activated. Eventually, you will come to a large room with a round vault door. On the opposite side of the room from this, there is a secret door on the left side of the wall, leading into another large room with several side outlets. Going to the last of these outlets on the right will reveal a hole in the floor, and spelling an end to the combat-free section of the mission. Continuing on, you will reach a boss arena, teeming with enemies. As soon as you enter the arena, it is important to take cover. Failing to do so will result in an almost instantaneous death from enemy crossfire.

Something to note is that all enemies must be killed for the mission to count as complete, not just the boss. Over the course of the fight, she summons two large Servitors, several shielded Fallen of various types, and two Fallen Walker tanks. It is recommended to eliminate as many ads as possible before focusing damage on the boss, as combined they can nearly insta-kill even a Guardian who is in their super. Whisper of the Worm is most valuable in taking out the Servitors and Walkers, but you’ll want to try and make sure you’re hitting all your shots so that some ammo is saved for damaging the boss. Overall, she doesn’t have a ridiculous health pool, and is made more difficult by the threats surrounding her.

The timer will freeze the instant the last enemy is defeated, granting you as much time as possible to complete the mission. Upon completion, the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle will be rewarded, and a heroic version of The Old Tower will be unlocked.

Step 5: Unlocking the Masterwork

All that is required to unlock the Outbreak Perfected masterwork is to complete the heroic version of The Old Tower, which can be launched from orbit. It has a recommended light level of 700, and, unlike the Whisper of the Worm mission, the path you’re required to take changes. Rather than ducking into the grate under the ship, you must go into a raised vent near the top of the area. The entrance is facing the far wall when viewing from the door to the area. Inside, a different parkour challenge must be navigated until it eventually syncs up with the original, just before the maze. From here, the mission continues as normal until the vault. After going through the secret door, a hallway which was previously safe will now kill you once you enter it. To get past, you have to step on the floor tiles in the correct order, without skipping any. The safe pathway is shown below:

After crossing, the boss fight will play out like normal, just with harder enemies. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with the Outbreak Perfected catalyst and ⅕ completion of it, which is gained by finishing the heroic version once every week.

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