In Other News

Published on: Oct 25, 2014 @ 6:59

“In Other News” is a segment we post usually once a week, which lets you all know about some miscellaneous Destiny news or information that isn’t quite ‘news-worthy’ enough to warrant an entire article by itself. To see the previous In Other News article, click here.[divider]

Destiny Ringtones

Reddit user RandyDelorean created a bunch of Destiny themed ringtones/text tones/alarm tones.

  1. Destiny Theme Song
  2. “Guardian, eyes up guardian!”
  3. Two Ghost tones
  4. Two Sparrow tones
  5. Vault Engram Tone
  6. Engram Decrypt Tone
  7. Postmaster Message Collection Tone
  8. Postmaster “Checking, Checking, Checking” Tone
  9. Level Up Tone

All tones in this pack are .m4r files – download them here.

[divider]Weekly Update Recap

What do you think about these changes? Solid improvements?


  • You will be able to reach level 30 via Iron Banner armor.
  • The weapon types available will go from two to four, divided between drops on match victory, and purchase from Lord Saladin in the Tower.


  • The value of Bounties has been bumped up and are more inclusive.

Reforging (New Feature)

  • Lord Saladin will offer players the option of Reforging any Iron Banner weapon for 1 Mote of Light. This will re-roll all of the upgrades, but will also reset any progression.

Tempered (New Feature)

  • In the next Iron Banner, you will still have the Rank achieved in the last, but the Iron Banner ranks have been increased to 5.
  • Reputation will eventually turn into an ‘Event Standing model’ where ranks are reset.

[divider]2 Man VoG

It wasn’t easy, but sc Furball and sc Slayerage managed to complete the entire raid in only an hour!

[divider]Giveaway #2

We’re going to be making an entire article about our next giveaway when we’re ready to announce it, but I wanted to let you guys know about it ahead of time.

Our current giveaway will end on 10/31 and the winners will be announced on that day as well. Soon after, we’ll announce our next giveaway which will be 7x bigger and better!

We truly appreciate all of the support you give us by sharing our content, and this is the least we can do to say thank you.

[divider]NFL Shaders

Custom shaders would be cool right? Well Reddit user 10fttall took it upon himself to create shaders that had each of the NFL team’s colors

[divider]HD Backgrounds

If you’re looking for some more backgrounds, Reddit user TwilightGap took 100+ amazing HUDless screenshots, which you can view/download in this Imgur album.


“If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?”

[yframe url=’’]

[divider]3D Weapon Printing

Ever wanted your very own Thunderlord? Now you can print one!*

*Electricity and experimental induction core not included.

The Conduit F3 fusion rifle has also been printed, and is available for download.