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Level 25 Booster Pack Consumables

Published on: Dec 15, 2015 @ 04:35

Remember when we talked about the possibility of booster packs? They’re officially here… $30 in some areas, more expensive depending on where you live.

You can purchase these on the Xbox Marketplace and PS Store.

Each pack contains a Level 25 Boost, Subclass Infusion, and Telemetries.

Where is the line going to be drawn? Bungie has gone on record with statements like…

“We’ve not announced anything on the microtransaction front but our goal is to absolutely make sure that when we deliver a game for $60 that’s a great experience no matter what type of player you are,” he said.

“So we’re not looking at any pay-for-power type stuff. That’s what I hear as a player when people say they’re worried about models and schemes that nickel and dime people; we’re not going to do that.”

…and that should be reassuring. That quote leaves little room for misinterpretation.

However, weeks ago, we thought Silver would just be limited to cosmetic options such as Shaders and Emotes. With SRL, there’s stats, cosmetic gear, and a Sparrow behind $10. Now there are massive infusions of experience and Starter Packs that boost your character significantly when starting a new one.

Still, these boosts are harmless since it just saves you a little time, but really – they’re way too expensive for what you’re actually getting and probably not worth it. It’s not “pay-to-win” but it is disappointingly overpriced.

When it comes down to it, this is an easy way for Bungie to make money to fund future content, while giving new players a time-saver. Most people’s frustrations seem to be directed at the price, as Reddit user kim2jy pointed out:

I’m mad about the auto rifle update, too. I’m mad that SRL still lets you get stuck on random objects or spin out of control and explode. […] but seriously, stop looking for a reason to be pissed and just see this for what it is: A crappy deal that will only hook the extremely lazy.

Right now, the complete TTK Legendary edition costs about as much as a Booster Pack!