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Armsday Roll Recommendations

Contributing Author: Alex R.

Incoming Shipments


  1. High Cal Rounds/Feather Mag, Snapshot/Smallbore, Counterbalance
  2. Perfect Balance, Injection Mold, Spray and Play
  3. Fitted Stock, Reinforced Barrel, Counterbalance

We start off our Wednesday with a fantastic PvE roll for this high-impact Auto Rifle. Perfect Balance and Injection Mold make for a great combination of stability, and Spray and Play solves your reload concerns in any PvE game mode. Make sure you fire to the end of your clip and enjoy the heavily increased reload speeds.

As for the PvP crowd, Roll #3 may be better for the Crucible, where reload speed isn’t as essential as range and stability. Counterbalance and Reinforced Barrel combine with Fitted Stock to offer an incredibly powerful stat blend, and with the recent buffs to this archetype, this might be a good choice.


  • Perfect Balance, Snapshot, Rangefinder

Sadly, these rolls can’t measure up to our wishlist, but #2 is pretty good. This Auto Rifle needs to have maximized range to really compete in the Crucible!


  1. Unflinching | Snapshot/Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel
  2. Danger Close | Rodeo | High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel
  3. Crowd Control | Unflinching | Snapshot/Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel

There are some decent rolls this week, but the Lyudmila-D has much more potential than we see here today. Hold on to this package and get our your wish list. We’ll want Counterbalance to perfect the awkward Hakke recoil pattern. After that, we’ll want reload buffs for PvE and range/stability for PvP. If you see any of these combinations next week, pull the trigger!


  • Perfect Balance, Full Auto, Rifled Barrel

This is just about a perfect roll for the PDX-45. With the fast fire rate, Full Auto serves a valuable purpose. Keep holding the trigger and think more about your aiming than firing! If that wasn’t good enough, Perfect Balance grants almost perfect stability while Rifled Barrel takes away from the plentiful reload speed to boost range. Overall a great roll for PvE and PvP.


  • Heavy Payload, Tracking, Javelin

This is all you need in a PvE Rocket Launcher! We’ve had plenty of weeks where the Gunsmith skimps out on good perks for our JLB models, so take advantage this week and pick this up! Heavy Payload and Javelin increase the most important stats for our Rocket Launchers, blast radius and velocity. With Tracking, you’ll be able to aim in on bosses and ensure an accurate shot. Overall a great roll with void damage to boot!


Notable Rolls from Other Weapons

Suros DIS-47: Roll 1 or 3

  • Hammer Forged / Appended Magazine – Unflinching – Single point sling / Handlaid stock
  • Perfect Balance / Appended Magazine – Take A Knee – Lightweight / Smallbore

Rolls 1 and 3 bring two different versions of this weapon to the table. Roll 1 is a warrior’s Scout Rifle, with SPO-28 and Hammer Forged powering up your Aim Assist, Unflinching helping you shrug off enemy fire, and Hand-Laid Stock bringing recoil to its knees. Then again, Roll 3 is a marksman’s bullet hose – just Take a Knee (haHA!), growl out “You have failed this City,” and take full advantage of your deadly Range and Stability.

Uffern HC4: Roll 1

  • Third Eye | Extended Mag/Rifled Barrel | Firefly / Eye of the Storm

My spidey-sense is tingling on this one…and wow, what a roll! This is a Hand Cannon you can take home to meet your Aunt! Sureshot IS is a light, target-acquiring scope. Third Eye is a great perk, especially since you need to ADS for maximum effect. Rifled Barrel could only be better if it were Reinforced Barrel, and is a big part of what makes this roll great, and that final column…

This gun can go everywhere thanks to the selectable set Firefly / Eye of the Storm, making it a real powerplayer for Hand Cannon lovers. Just remember, with great power comes great…oh, you know the rest!

Suros DIS-43: Roll 1

  • Hammer Forged / Appended mag | Hidden hand | Lightweight / Smallbore

I love these mid-tier scout rifles because they’re just so darn easy to use, and so adaptable. This particular roll is a great example. Normally I’m all about Hammer Forged, but with SPO-28 and Hidden Hand (plus awesome base Range), you’re actually better off grabbing the solid Appended Mag. That in turn mitigates Smallbore’s cost, making it a free boost to both your Range and your Stability and making this Scout Rifle stupidly accurate. Now what am I forgetting…oh yeah: Cowabunga!

Gaheris-D: Roll 1

  • Triple tap | Reinforced barrel / Hand loaded / Armor piercing rounds | Reactive reload

Great Caesar’s ghost, it’s another great Hand Cannon roll! Sureshot again, Triple Tap to keep our ammo rolling (mostly in PVE, unless you’re a great shot), and Reactive Reload when we inevitably do run out. Reinforced Barrel is what makes this gun great, though. All the Range, and none of the reload penalty!

Cocytus SR4: Roll 2 or 3

  • Icarus | Snapshot / Rifled Barrel | Army of One / Eye of the Storm
  • Triple Tap | Single Point Sling / Hand-Laid Stock | Grenadier / Eye of the Storm

Both of these rolls have a lot going for them. While neither has the Torch scope (my preference), they do have functional alternatives. The final perk columns are functionally identical, with ability recharge for PVE and Eye of the Storm for clutch firefights in PVP. Working backward, avoid the stat modifiers and go with Snapshot or SPS – both will be very helpful for you. The real decision point is this, though: do you want the extra ammo from Triple Tap, or the bonus accuracy from Icarus? The power is yours!

Suros PDX-41: Roll 3

  • Hammer Forged/Feather Mag | Counterbalance | Lightweight/Injection Mold

SPO-28 and Hammer Forged provide Accuracy and Range, while Counterbalance + Injection Mold give you pure and perfect recoil control. Is it my perfect roll? Maybe not, but I’m recommending it anyway, so bite me, fanboy!


Next Week’s Orders


PVP Rating: S-A

Despite a 2% damage nerf last month, the Arminius-D remains a close quarters power weapon, devastating in both Crucible and story content. If you don’t have it by now, you need to buy this package.

Suros ARI-45

PVP Rating: A-B

Copypasta on this package – Suros must have had extras. High Impact Auto Rifles got a needed damage boost last month and I think it makes them into real contenders. That said, the meta is very much still in flux, so we have yet to see if the Legendary versions will be worthy of comparing to hard-hitting Exotic Auto Rifles like Suros Regime. This is a weapon to watch though, and worth picking up if you didn’t grab it last week.


PVP Rating: C

Despite having identical / slightly worse stats than the Strongbow-D (with identical perk tables), the Jingukogu inexplicably has only 3 rounds in the mag. Yeah, sure, you can get to your Final Round sooner. But you also get less ammo overall which is really not ever a good thing. This gun is totally worthless in PVE compared to similar weapons, and utterly inferior in PVP where Special ammo comes at a premium.

Suros JLB-42

PVP Rating: A

More copypasta! Suros needs to release some new models, and they know it! Though a bit weaker than the JLB-47, this is still a great Rocket Launcher with excellent stats overall and a solid selection of perks. It’s perfect for Trials, where it earns its A Rating. However, its Inventory score, which determines how many rockets you get from each heavy Ammo brick, is too low to make it a real power weapon outside of that venue without considerable effort.

Suros JLB-47

PVP Rating: A

The faster, stronger younger brother (assuming model numbers count up as they go), everything I said about the JLB-42 above is true here as well – this is a great choice and if you only get one rocket launcher package, make it this one.