pvp meta vs private match fun

Make Your Own Fun (CR #32 w/ Ramblinnn)

In the midst of a major content drought, Swain, Birds and Bones have been finding ways to keep the Crucible enjoyable and interesting. There are plenty ways to enjoy Destiny right now!

Wait, you can matchmake together?

A few crafty Crucible players found out a way to trick the matchmaking system into matching two teams together. Sometimes these sweaty matches are used for highly competitive players to improve and play hard. It’s easy to do with friends, either to compete in big time tournaments or just have fun with a ‘custom’ set of rules.

Here’s how:

  1. Create two fireteams
  2. The leaders of each team should be geographically close
  3. Count down to three, and both fireteams press “search” in unison in a 3v3 playlist
  4. One team should see “evaluating 3/6” while another team should see “searching 6/6”
  • If you don’t see this combination after a few seconds, cancel the search and try again


Your Own Rules

Though competitive players originally used scrimmages to train and get better, they can also lead to hilarious and exciting games when friends agree on a variety of rules. Play with snipers only, hand cannons only, or a full No Land Beyond challenge. Even limit kills to melee/grenades – whatever sounds like fun!

Fun Weapons v. The Meta

If you’re trying to win and aren’t using the best gear, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. This can make the game repetitive, so while you’re not fighting for the Lighthouse on a Trials ticket, find a few “non-meta” weapons to make the everyday Crucible more interesting. Here’s what Crucible Radio is messing around with these days:

Ace of Spades – A solid handcannon, Birds has been playing with this exotic ever since Holtzmann recommended it. You won’t see it in Trials but you might see Birds killing you with it in Skirmish.

Nechrocasm – Once laughed at when compared to its rival, the Vex Mythoclast, the Necrochasm was an incredible difficult weapon to acquire that had very little payoff. These days, the hive-bane’s auto rifle can really pack a punch and create some amazing explosion kills.

Icebreaker – Bones has pulled his old Icebreaker off the blueprints to use it in the Crucible. On paper, this thing is incredible: extremely high aim assist, tons of range, snapshot, and infinite ammo. You can bet on seeing some Icebreaker trickshots in a future montage.


The Ultimate Challenge – 1v3

Think  you’ve accomplished everything there is to do in Destiny? Well Crucible Radio’s special guest this week has completed the ultimate challenge – winning Trials game all by himself and getting 26 kills without dying in the process. If you really need to test your skills, check out Ramblinnn’s video and then see if you can pull it off yourself!