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Level 32, Now What?

Published on: Feb 21, 2015 @ 17:53

So, you’ve reached 32. Now what? If you don’t want to take a break, here’s some ideas on how to make your Destiny experience more enjoyable.

If you just picked up Destiny, and are on your way to progressing past 20, check out this guide.

If you have any suggestions for fellow 32’s, be sure to share them in the comments below![divider]


You’ve done it. You braved Bungie’s toughest content, felling Crota with a mighty stroke of the sword just before the Oversoul wipes you. You’ve seen Nightfall’s go from a special challenge to just a slightly harder Strike.

You’ve started halfheartedly shrugging when the Vex Mythoclast drops, and sneering disdainfully at 30s in the Tower, in spite of yourself. You’re a 32, it’s what you’re entitled to.

vex mythoclast exotic

Still, what is this uneasiness setting in? Why are the Engrams less shiny – why has that Exotic lost its luster? “What am I supposed to do now?” you cry out in existential angst to The Nine, as you drop a Level 15 in the Iron Banner with a single disinterested melee.

Well, don’t fret Guardian, we’re here to help.


Embrace the Hoard

Okay, so you’ve got your ideal loadout. You strut into ROC Strikes with Fatebringer, Ice Breaker, and Hunger of Crota, and you can’t remember the last time you didn’t immediately shard a Legendary drop the second you got it.

Your Hard Light stares mournfully at you, neglected in the corner, as you conquer raid after raid without it. But why would you ever change that? “I don’t need a Payback SOS”, you say out loud, to no one in particular, as the Nightfall dutifully doles out its weekly disappointment. But, what this article presupposes is… maybe you do?

After all, where’s the fun in being the best constantly? Using the best stuff is so 20-and-late. When you were a bright-eyed and bushy tailed young 29, stepping into the Vault of Glass HM for the first time, you needed your safety blanket Ice Breaker. But now you’re a big bad 32 — cock of the walk, the envy of lesser men! — and you can show your superiority by deigning to collect and max a wide variety of weapons.

vanguard level 32

That One Way Ticket 000 from the Vanguard Vendor actually looks kinda fun, huh? You can’t remember the last time you had to do something so strange as aim your rocket launcher. And what’s a Fusion Rifle? Is that some sort of Sniper powered by atomic wizardry? Go find out!

You have every advantage afforded to you: maximum damage reduction, no damage penalty against anything except enemies in Crota’s End HM, and – let’s face it – probably a lot of time on your hands, so now’s the time to switch it up!

Don’t let your Helium Filaments languish in the Vault. You might find that it’s fun to play around with different stuff, and a veteran Guardian should have his trophies. Your Vault is coughing up cobwebs asking to be filled with curios and tools of destruction; assemble an arsenal!

With the weapon damage updates, there’s never been a better time to break out a pulse rifle!


Max Out

It’s easy to become daunted by Destiny’s post-level 20 adventure when you factor in the mass of stats, items and activities that are all clamoring for your attention. But to boil it down, it really is all about obtaining the best possible equipment for your Guardian.

When you’re level 32, you’ve most likely got a complete set of Legendary armor, and probably some Exotics too. To truly maximize your experience, try and target the armor stat you want the most of.

Xur plays a big part with the Exotic upgrades as he can offer better rolls for gear that you already have.

destiny level 32 now what

There are substantial benefits to increasing your Strength, Intellect, and Discipline. The goal is to have as much as possible, and while this may take some time, its worth it if you want to be able to use your abilities quicker.

With full Intellect you’ll get nearly twice as much Super energy from kills, with 271 points reducing the cooldown to roughly 2:55 seconds. With full Discipline and Strength, grenade and melee cooldown will be reduced by half.

271 points is the maximum you can have in any stat, so don’t bother going over that, or it’ll just be a waste.


Rep Up

Deeeaaad Orbit neeeds your hellp, Guaaardiann.”

“But I’m already rank 6!” you yell back, indignantly. “All you’ve ever given me is a crappy emblem… and I think one Mote of Light?”

But what sort of Guardian are you if you get discouraged by the crushing reality of RNG? You play Destiny for Xûr’s sake!

You can continue to do Vanguard bounties and patrols, taking advantage of the Nightfall bonus and the Weekly Heroic Strike reputation awards to increase how much a given faction wants you to be their friend. Once they decide you’re worth it – and not just going to break their hearts again – you’re bound to get something good in a package.

new monarchy rep grinding guide

The grind is your life. The Revenant shader is out there, waiting for you to claim it at an arbitrary point in time. And all it asks is for an unholy chunk of your time.

All Guardians look the same at 32, you say? Not you, sporting the Amalthea shader and wielding a Vanquisher VIII with Field Scout. You are the beacon of New Monarchy, shining light into a dark world.

The Future War Cult hand-delivered The Calling with Firefly so that you could pop skulls like it was going out of style. Use it, love it.


Help Your Friends

Destiny is a social game, and you are a social creature. Sure, you can be the Lone Wolf, but even wolves run in packs. Hopefully, you hit 32 with a little help from your friends, but we all know that Crota’s End was begging to be soloed, and you might not have been able to resist. Either way, you have arrived, and others may have not yet. This means you get to prove how great you are!

You are a wizened and great 32, battle-hardened and forged in the fires of domination, and you can spread your Light to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Seek out some lowly PUG trying to conquer VoG on normal for the first time, snicker away from your mic as they run around in panic at the Confluxes, then steer them with a sure hand through the most rewarding content Bungie has to offer.

Atheon still cries in the corner at the thought of your name, but you can bet he takes it out on these guys every chance he gets. Don’t give him the chance. There are lots of Guardians who aspire to be just like you when they grow up, and you can play a part ensuring they do.

destiny ranking up guide

Maybe you retired from the Crucible with a 14.0 K/D and a 99% win rate, and you’ve already exhausted the Iron Banner – but you can bet there are those who haven’t. There’s a 29 out there angling to snag 36 Light gear, but he doesn’t know his Control from his Clash, mindlessly capturing point A on Blind Watch and shouting excitedly while he does so. Fix that.

Stoically absorb the incompetence while molding a future 32 who will pay it forward himself. We’re all in this together.


Never Forget

Whether you’re gathering all of the golden chest loot, completing daily events, increasing Faction reputation, finding Dead Ghosts, or finishing Destiny’s raids, remember this: Playing with your friends and doing what you enjoy should be what you focus on.

Sure, you can grind for gear or materials… but if that’s not what you enjoy, then there’s really no sense in doing it.

Don’t get too caught up in trying to finish content as soon as you can. Make your own content, go on the unbeaten path and find your own quirky ways to have fun.

While you’re away from the controller, check out our friendly and inclusive community forums to meet other Guardians who you could play with in the future.


Take a Break

If you’ve read the rest of this article and thought “No thanks”, but are still clamoring for stuff to do, maybe the best thing to do is start a new subclass take some time off? All of those Fallen skulls propped up in your study aren’t going to polish themselves.

Hang up your Black Hammer and that monstrous Titan raid helm and try something new. If you’re tired of the merry-go-round that is RNG, it makes more than a little sense to get off the ride for a bit.

You may find that when you return – and you will return – everything feels fresh and new and fun again: “The Wakening is the Daily Heroic? Hooray!”

inferno control
Soon, there will be more content to enjoy!

If you’re not having fun, don’t force it. You’ve given everything and more to beat back the Darkness so far.

House of Wolves is just a few months away (see: Q2), so you’d better be rested and ready to assume your role as the front line of defense in protecting the galaxy.


But you’re a 32. You can do whatever you want.