Infinite Farming

Published on: Oct 23, 2014 @ 2:32

Farming… it’s something we all try, at least once. Sometimes it turns into a bad habit, or worse, an addiction. [divider]

There’s an Easier Way

To make your farming experience easier, this really simple video guide will show you how to just focus on a few nodes that you can come back to again and again, thus allowing you to farm indefinitely! If you’re in need of a Planetary materials or chests, remember this guide the next time you’re out in the wild: Steps:

  1. Choose Patrol on the Planet you’d like to farm at.
  2. Find an area where a few materials or chests are close together, near a new location zone. It’s not required they be close together, but it’ll help.
  3. Pick up the materials, then quickly go to the new location zone.
  4. Once you ‘load’ the new zone (its name will show up on the bottom left), immediately go back and pick up your previously looted materials/chests.
  5. Repeat 1-4 to farm infinitely, until you’re ready to stop.


  • Try to find materials that are close together to maximize your efficiency.
  • Be wary of other people; if someone comes by and picks up the node you’re using, you might have to wait a few minutes for it to reappear.
  • If you really want to ensure you’re not interrupted, set your NAT to “Strict” by going to your router configuration and turning off UPnP and any port forwarding.
  • A fast Sparrow helps a lot!


Other Farming Guides

In addition to the video above, we’ve got a growing list of farming guides at our YT channel:

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