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Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Nov 6, 2015 @ 04:52


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Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Exotic Gauntlet Engram Yes 31
Legacy Chest Engram No 29
Crest of Alpha Lupi (90/110 INT) Titan Any Yes 13
Young Ahamkara’s Spine (55/68 DISC) Hunter Gunslinger Maybe 13
Obsidian Mind (34/49 INT, 35/50 STR) Warlock Voidwalker Maybe 13


Helm of Inmost Lightd77bec61bf5812b9d9155a31230465b7

  • 77 Intellect

The Striker Helm comes with pure Intellect at a health 77 to start. At 310 Light, this Exotic can potentially boast up to 95 of it it, or 60/60 of any two stats. Twist your fate to play with the values! As it stands, Intellect is a a top pick for Strikers (along with Discipline!)

Worth Buying?

I’m just going to say it right now: Helm of Inmost Light is still a C Tier. Strikers are frankly just about the useless PvE class in Destiny right now. They have zero defensive or supportive utility, beyond their admittedly useful Lightning Grenades, and as much as Fist of Havoc can be a positive orb force, your team will almost always appreciate a well-timed Ward of Dawn or field-clearing Sunbreaker sweep more.

But, if you insist on using Striker (it can be fun), HoIL does give your Super a pretty sizable boost, allowing you to play around with your perk trees in two areas. Ultimately, it buffs the Striker Super, which in all fairness is quite a beast in PvP. So, pick this one up if you’re optimistic for Bungie’s (eventual?) class rebalancing in December, or you just want to “catch ’em all”, otherwise HoIL is just a novelty for an outclassed subclass.

Twist Fate? Yes

You could get Inverse Shadow, which is a must have for a solid PvE helm. Invigoration could potentially be Innervation, Better Already, or Infusion – all superior options.


Celestial Nighthawk049e2216349f9cd6af6705c3bebf17aa

  • 46 Intellect
  • 51 Strength

This helm boasts the exact same 310 thresholds as the HoIL, with 95 Int, or 60/60/60 Int/Disc/Str. Don’t be put off by the lower stat values at 280; a couple infusions will have it competing with the best of them. As it stands, Intellect is excellent for Gunslingers, but Strength is not quite as meaningful for a PvE-er. PvP, now that’s a different story!

Worth Buying?

As I’ve discussed before since TTK arrived, the CN has a nice niche as a good force for staggering Oryx, and still gives the Gunslinger a place as an instant threat against Majors in King’s Fall Hard Mode and beyond. It’s a little less important with the proliferation of Touch of Malice, but I have high hopes that Gunslinger too will get its due in December. It is perhaps with this optimism that I still maintain Celestial Nighthawk is an A tier for Gunslinger; there simply isn’t much better right now for the benighted subclass. If you’re going to use a non-meta PvE subclass, you might as well make your Super pack one serious punch. Downside? 4 orb max.

Twist Fate? Yes

Again, Inverse Shadow is practically a must. I always prefer Infusion/Better Already, though if you’re partial to Grenade/Melee energy, that’s understandable. From what I’ve been told, the kiosk version has a “god roll”. So if nothing’s changed there, your decision is pretty simple, eh?


The Impossible Machines6eb83e602efd0261945f7205b2df2775

  • 43 Intellect
  • 44 Strength

I’ve got quite a high opinion for The Impossible Machines. Landfall, to me, is quite underrated in PvE. On the surface, you have a moderate damage initial blast that can’t stack up to the huge cumulative total of a Transcendence-boosted Stormtrance, but in reality, that initial pop can be quite a game-changer in the right situations. The immediate damage can soften up yellow bar foes that would otherwise demand the majority of your time, and Superconductor is calling out for PvE use.

Worth Buying?

In PvP, Ionic Blink is an under-appreciated second perk in the tree, and getting top billing with Landfall makes it rather potent. I would still give the Impossible Machines an A tier, just for the stun/disorient/burst DPS that tips the Stormcaller Super into realms of serious usefulness even in high-end content.

Twist Fate? Maybe

Again, we don’t exactly have an ideal roll. Snap Discharge is standard, but Momentum Transfer is arguably the lesser of the two options; Impact Induction will serve you better as a Warlock. In spite of this, these Gauntlets boast Sniper Rifle Loader, which is, in my opinion, the best reload option for Gauntlets currently in-game. Scout Rifle Loader is a decent consolation price for Tlaloc fans, too. All-in-all, if you’re getting these 280s, I personally would probably not Twist ’em up.