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House of Wolves: Reef Social Space

Published on: Feb 25, 2015 @ 17:57

With the latest patch came a few database updates, each coming with the House of Wolves in Q2.


Reef Social Space

reef social space
Image via megamanexe4

The first and most notable addition is the “Reef Social Space” – what we can assume is going to be a Tower-like area on the Reef. “Meet other Guardians as they prepare for new adventures”16 other players can be in this area.

We will most likely come here to interact with the Queen, turning in bounties and quests to her.

house of wolves reef social

Most of you may remember the very short preview of this area that we featured in the beginning of this video.

This destination title and description are currently placeholders.


Name Changes

Not too exciting, but the Strike and mission names that we listed here have been changed for whatever reason.

Currently the missions do not have any descriptions, and the Strike description hasn’t changed.

Images via megamanexe4:

  • Belly of the Beast – Strike
  • Tracking Quarry – Level 28
  • Pact of Wolves – Level 29
  • Path of the Traitor – Level 30

You can read the old mission names and descriptions here.

If you want to get a preview of the “Belly of the Beast” Strike, check out this video:



It looks like there’s going to be at least 3 new quests as well, but again, the names and descriptions for these are just placeholders for now:

house of wolves quests

  • Infidel – Level 29
  • Nightcrawler – Level 30
  • Safari – Level 30



The new Crucible mode got a slight description change, now it says: “No trackers and simplified scoring.”

It looks like Inferno Salvage is being saved until the House of Wolves is released, but it’s expected that Inferno Control will be playable from March 3rd-10th.