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HD Images of House of Wolves PvE

Published on: May 6, 2015 @ 13:03

The images below show off some of the Prison of Elders and Shadow Thief Strike in the House of Wolves.

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The full ultra HD versions of these images can be found here.

For more HD images of House of Wolves content, including gear and Crucible maps, click here.

vestian dynasty
HoW story mission reward?


Prison of Elders

  • Three-Player Matchmaking at Level 28 Difficulty
  • High Difficulty Weekly Challenges for pre-formed Fireteams
  • Four, three round waves against randomly selected enemy races and gameplay modifications
  • A final, fifth round where players must face a randomly selected boss


Shadow Thief

A ruthless Fallen mercenary commanding the Wolfship Kaliks-Syn has been spotted near the Moon. Board the Ketch and end the reign of Taniks, the Scarred.

Speaking of Strikes, the Weekly Heroic and Nightfall will be separated once HoW is released! For example, Winter’s Run could be the Heroic and The Will of Crota could be the Nightfall, so there will be more variety!