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A Guide to Salvage

Published on: Nov 13, 2014 @ 15:25

A mix of Skirmish’s tight team deathmatch tactics and Control’s objective focus, Salvage demands that you locate and secure artifacts to score points.

This guide will help you the next time you have the opportunity to play this limited time event.

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What is Salvage?

3v3. Secure objectives, team revives enabled.

A mix of Skirmish’s tight team deathmatch tactics and Control’s objective focus, Salvage demands that you locate and secure artifacts to score points. Capture the artifact by deploying your Ghost near it, and stop the enemy team from capturing an artifact by deactivating their Ghost.

Score Layout

Probe Assault Kill enemies near the enemy probe +25
Probe Defense Kill enemies near your team’s probe +25
Probe Deployed Capture a Salvage zone +100*
Probe Neutralized Neutralize the enemy probe +150*
Relic Salvaged Your team salvaged a Relic +200*

* Scores apply to all team members.

The match ends when time expires or one team reaches 10,000 points


Communication is one of the most important things going into to a 3v3 match. Many players will be participating in teams, so going into Salvage by yourself is not recommended.


Calling out where you’ve been killed or where you spot an enemy can be your best advantage. Ensure that they’re specific, such as coupling callouts with flag locations from control or specific map references. Communication is one of the


If you find yourself being so brave as to enter the fray solo, here are some additional tips beyond communication.

Not everyone has access to two buddies that are able to play and communicate at all times, and that’s OK!  The next most important thing is working as a team, regardless of who you’re teamed up with.

salvage guide destiny

Keep relatively close to your teammates so you know when they’re in trouble, or when they need help shooting enemies. Even if you can’t get the kill, as long as you can assist your teammates and stay alive, you’re doing what you need to to help win the game.

Salvage plays close to Skirmish, with the exception that there is even more clumping due to the salvage points. Strategy remains the same, outside of having more chances to punish clumping.

  • Always try to get a few bullets into your opponents even if you aren’t sure you will get the kill.
  • Moving as a unit, moving together and across the map in a group is a sure way to keep the odds in your favor.
    • Due to the range and AoE of some supers & rockets, try to stay roughly 10m away from your friendlies.
  • Having a diverse group is sometimes advantageous.
    • A Defender Titan with Blessing or Weapons of Light, a Gunslinger hunter to counter supers and a Sunsinger warlock to either counter other supers and caught off choke points with grenades.

[divider]Map Knowledge

The final ingredient to being successful in Salvage (or any game mode) is map knowledge. Knowing the timers, heavy spawn locations, and enemy team spawn locations are all very useful.

In Salvage, it’s noticeably harder to predict where an enemy team will spawn, or a portion of that team.

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  • Killing an enemy on side of the map will usually force a spawn on the opposite side of the map; if too many players are on one side of the map, the other team will spawn on the opposite and most of the time.
  • Heavy weapons spawn in the same locations on every map, they spawn beginning at 9:00 minutes on the countdown timer.
    • Heavy weapon ammo should always be picked up, just be cautious if the other team tries to use it as bait.
  • Knowing routes, positions of cover, spawn locations and general layout go a long way in securing victory.


Golden Age mysteries litter our old worlds. Scour the battlefield for the relics, lock them down, and keep the other team from contesting your claim.

Bonus: Activity Reward Bonus

Cloaks, marks, and bonds can now drop in this Playlist. Tournament Tickets also become more common.