Unlimited $20 Gift Card Giveaway

Published on: Nov 3, 2014 @ 9:19

Hey Guardians! Congratulations to the 7 winners of our recent DLC Giveaway! If you didn’t win, keep reading.[divider]

First off, let’s start off by saying: thank you all so much! This site would be nothing without the support from the community, and we truly appreciate all of you. But we can do better than merely saying “thank you” – how about we celebrate together instead?

Milestone Celebrations with Unlimited Giveaways!

To keep this short and sweet: We’re giving away $20 Gift Cards for Xbox Live, PS Store, or for the Amazon store so that you can buy whatever you’d like. The winners will choose what type of gift card they want, and there’s no limit on how many we will give away!

Every time we hit a Milestone on our Facebook/Twitter/Youtube accounts (see below) we will celebrate this by giving away a number of gift cards to randomly chosen participants who have followed the contest guidelines. This giveaway will last until December 31, 2014.

Winners will be added to this article every time we reach a Milestone.

We will contact the winners, add their names to the bottom of this article, and send out the prizes immediately after we reach a milestone.

How Do I Participate?

Similar to our previous giveaway, there is a pinned post on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a video on our Youtube channel that we’d want you to like, share, & comment on. This is a worldwide contest – anyone can participate.

You can participate on all social platforms if you want, or just choose one that you prefer – it’s up to you! Participating at all 3 will increase your chances of winning but is not required. You need to be subscribed and/or following the pages you’re participating at.

You must like, share, and comment on the post(s) to be eligible.

Our Milestones

We will give out $20 Gift Cards to celebrate every time we reach a new Milestone, up until December 31 2014. These are our Milestones:

facebook-iconLike, share, and comment on this video to participate.

For every 5,000 new Subscribers, we will give away 3 Gift Cards (1 per winner).

Next Milestone: 75,000 Subscribers. Latest update: 70,305 (updated daily)


facebook-iconFavorite, retweet, and comment on this post to participate.

For every 1,000 new Followers, we will give give away 1 Gift Card.

Next Milestone: 10,000 Followers. Latest update: 9,535 (updated daily)


facebook-iconLike, share, and comment on this post to participate.

For every 1,000 new Fans, we will give give away 1 Gift Card.

Next Milestone: 8,000 Fans. Latest update: 7,011 (updated daily)


How many will we give away?

This contest will last until until December 31, 2014. Between now and 12/31, there is literally no cap on how many Gift Cards we will give away. The more milestones we reach, the more we will give away; it’s up to the community!

Simply check our public FB/Twitter/YT follower count to see how close we are to giving out another gift card.


Chosen participants will be announced here:

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