Future of DestinyNews.net

Published on: Aug 29, 2014 @ 21:15

I’ve received a few similar questions regarding the future of this site, so I’d like to address that in this article and let you all know what you can expect. [divider] Our goal is is to provide you all with the latest news and info about Destiny. Our aim is to be a 1-stop shop for Destiny, so you don’t need to go to multiple places to view the content you enjoy – just follow us and we’ll deliver it ASAP.

The DestinyNews community is filled with like-minded players who truly enjoy Destiny. We strive to deliver a friendly social environment for our members, no-matter what their game of choice is. We’re much more inclusive than your average online destination. DN is for gamers of every breed; new members are the fiber that binds our community, so we welcome them warmly! Our focus is around our members, and the staff team works tirelessly to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience. [divider]

With the release date creeping up on us, the ‘news’ is inevitably going to slow down, but we aren’t! DestinyNews.net is not going to stop reporting on the latest Destiny info. We’re dedicated to covering all things Destiny for as long as people are playing the game (10+ years). Once the game is released, we’ll be posting – with spoiler warnings – campaign walkthrough guides, raid strategies, tips and tricks, and a lot more. If you have any suggestions for content you’d like to see on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below.

In addition to the news on our homepage, we also have a thriving community forum. If you’re interested in talking with other Guardians in a welcoming and easygoing forum, I’d encourage you to get involved today! In addition to talking about Destiny, and whatever else that’s on your mind, you can also advertise your clan and create a home for it with our clans application.

I really can’t emphasize enough how great our forums are. After nearly a year, we’ve got one of the most popular Destiny-specific forums in the world. The community we’ve built is so amazing, and literally every single person that posts is respectful and friendly; Just take a look through the forum posts and see for yourself. If you’re tired of being surrounded by trolls and negativity, give our forums a try.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about the community:

  • “the community here is great and the news provided is also excellent, I look forward to gaming with you all when 9/9 reaches.”
  • “It’s insane how quickly these forums are growing, I almost can’t keep up with all the greetings posts!  It’s great!”
  • “I came here to get some extra ammo for news stories and to discuss some of the Elements of Destiny.  After being here two weeks I have had a massive upswing for my YouTube channel, and I owe it to this awesome group.  Can not say thanks enough!”
  • “This site is the best one in my book for getting news and discussing Destiny. And as a bonus theres no grief and trolling. Keep up the good work.”
  • “I can’t remember my life before finding this forum haha”
  • “its taken over some of my daily time, and is about 9000% better than the bungie forums”
  • “I think that this is the place where Bungie employees come to feel good about Destiny.  They may be anonymous or incognito, but if I were working on Destiny and wanted to feel good about it, this is where I would end up. “
  • “Came for the news, stayed for the friendship.”

Take a few seconds to register (for free) and introduce yourself… I promise you won’t regret it. [divider]

In short: DestinyNews.net isn’t going anywhere. We will continue to follow all of the latest Destiny news, and we’re open to your suggestions on what you’d like to see at our site. Our YouTube partners MoreConsole and DattoDoesDestiny also have great content in the works, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. If you aren’t already, please follow us on social media!

Thanks so much!

[divider] While we’re waiting for the PAX Prime panel, Killworthy Gaming has some videos with a lot of speculations, the latest one explores some possibilities with the Traveler.