Firebase Delphi Trials Tips

On this map, any special weapon will work. If you do choose to snipe, be sure to avoid putting yourself in a flankable position. Use the exterior of the map to your advantage and always keep an eye on doorways where players will have a tendency to run through at head level.

Shotgunners should take advantage of the vertical spaces. Using the windows, ledges and hallways will allow you to close distance without running straight down a hall into a scope.

Many engagements take place in the famous “U”, the central location on the map. Deaths in this location can be hard to recover from, because teammates will have to leave themselves surprisingly exposed in order to get a revive. Be sure to check before you hop through that window and right into a waiting gun.

The short length of the map can make a flank from the center of the map perfectly feasible – don’t think you’re safe just because the door hasn’t open yet. When it does, be ready for anything.