PvP Legends: Final Destiny 1 Tournament

Exciting news Guardians! We have an upcoming 4v4 tournament being hosted by GamerSupps and Battle-Beaver-Customs with some sweet prizes on the line. It will be the last tournament for Destiny 1 that PvP Legends will host. We’ve got all the details below:

  • Destiny Tournament for Playstation 4
  • 4v4 Format (Premade Team & Free Agent Registration both allowed)
  • Viewers can watch live at https://twitch.tv/pvp_legends
  • Only PSN accounts listed on the tournament roster will be eligible to play – make sure you add your two allotted subs!


Entry Fee

All players who wish to participate must pay a $10.00 entry fee. Keep in mind that the greater the amount of players who sign up, the greater the prize pool will be!


  • $500 top prize sponsored by Gamersupps.gg
  • MVP (chosen by winning team) will receive a fully customized Battle Beaver controller
  • The more players, the more available to be won!
  • Community driven Matcherino donations



  • Qualifiers are August 20 at 1:00PM EDT and will go until the final match is played.
  • The Finals will be held August 27 at 1:00PM EDT and once again will go until the final match is played.



  • Players are allowed to stream their matches up until the Quarterfinals of the Qualifier rounds.
    • All matches beyond the Quarterfinals must be exclusively streamed by twitch.tv/pvp_legends or a disqualification will result.
  • 40 team minimum for the tournament to proceed (signups will be refunded if this quota isn’t met).
  • Region restriction: 2 North American (Canada, USA, or Mexico) players required per team.
  • All players must read and understand the Sweat Council Rules.
  • 15 minutes max between each round (the timer does not begin until both teams have finished their previous match).
  • All players must be in the Discord: https://discord.gg/pvplegends.
  • Captains will be able to report their team’s score after each game.


Contact Information

There’s some awesome prizes available for any competitive players who want to have one last hurrah with Destiny. Head on over and get your team registered as soon as possible — the Qualifier date is fast approaching.

Click here to join!