taken king armsday field test

Field Test Guide

Field Testing? Armsday?

As of the 2.0 update, Banshee-44 has a special weekly event each Wednesday known as Armsday. With proper Field Testing, he’ll provide reward packages that you can choose from once you reach the proper rank. You won’t be able to acquire an Armsday package until 9/16 though.

Each ‘bounty’ Field Test weapon requires a different type or amount of kills for testing to be complete. Upon completion, Guardians will receive reputation with the Gunsmith. We recommend completing the Nightfall Strike before testing the weapons – with the XP boost from Radiant Light, you’ll be able to reach Rank 1 with Banshee.

These Field Test weapons will rotate each week. 

After you finish these Field Tests, you can keep the basic weapons or discard them, it’s up to you.



Häkke Test-A

Complete Test: This pulse rifle requires precision shots to complete the test. This can be done in the Crucible, but for a faster completion, head to a PvE activity with an ample amount of enemies and you’ll have enough data in no time. Click here to see more Häkke field test weapons.

hakke field test

With Hakke’s signature 4-round burst, the pulse rifle feels like a hefty but powerful war machine. It falls into the “medium” impact archetype for pulse rifles (i.e. 55A-ALLFATE), but with a low stability, nabbing those precision shots in the Crucible can be difficult. The flashy SC HOLO scope provides ample zoom and a clear field of vision. The pulse is equipped with Relentless Tracker, a new perk in the Taken King, which provides enhanced motion tracker resolution for a short time following each kill. This is immediately noticeable after downing an enemy and can be very useful when trying to locate enemies hiding around corners in the Crucible.

Omolon Test FR1

Complete Test: This stylish and deadly fusion rifle requires kills in the Crucible. This can be a tough request for those Guardians who have capitalized on powerful shotguns for the past few months. But once you’re reacquainted with fusion rifles, the Omolon test rifle can be a powerful tool. Click here to see more Omolon field test weapons.

omolon fusion rifle field test

The fusion rifle’s fluid sound combined with a high impact certainly makes it a standout in both look and feel when compared to Year 1 fusion rifles. The SPARK IS6 scope provides an un-cluttered field of vision and precise targeting, as well as improved handling. The Omolon fusion comes with a new perk, Danger Close, which provides improved handling and increased reload speed when two or more enemies are nearby. This perk’s effects are more noticeable in larger Crucible playlists such as Control or Rift, where more enemies are likely to bunch up and fight for territory.

Omolon Test RR1

Complete Test: The Omolon sniper simply requires kills in the Crucible. Jump into a 6v6 playlist to provide yourself an ample amount of targets, remember to check your radar, and enjoy the smooth, liquid feel of the Omolon rifle. Click here to see more Omolon field test weapons.

omolon sniper rifle field test

A member of the low impact sniper rifle archetype, fans of Praedyth’s Revenge and Eye of Sol will enjoy the Omolon sniper. The light and snappy YEPAKI SS2 scope handles much like the Ambush, but with a slightly higher aim assist value. Featuring a new perk, Last Resort, this weapon gains faster handling and reload speed when the wielder is the last living member of their Fireteam. This could come in handy in Trials of Osiris or Strikes, but won’t come into play during 6v6 matchups.

Häkke Test-A

Complete Test: The Hakke sniper rifle requires double kills to gather testing data. Although there are no medals like in the Crucible, PvE activities do recognize double kills, and this test can be completed quickly in patrol. If you’re looking for a challenge, jump into a 6v6 playlist and get those double kills the hard way. Click here to see more Häkke field test weapons.

hakke sniper field test

Heavier than the Omolon, the Hakke sniper falls into the medium impact archetype (i.e. Low Grade Humility). To fans of low impact snipers, the Hakke will feel clunky, but it might appeal to Efrideet’s Spear and Her Benevolence users. The ATD RAPTOR’s “standard” zoom is a viable scope for Crucible play, and its single perk, Rodeo, makes up for the low base stability.


SUROS TSR-10 To collect data on the Suros, head into a PvE activity of your choosing and seek out some yellow bar baddies. This rocket launcher requires you to take out some high-ranking enemies, which can be completed quickly using everyone’s favorite Hive Major bounty method. Patrol the Cosmodrome and enter the basement to the left where you spawn in the Steppes. Click here to see more SUROS field test weapons.

suros rocket field test

Most SUROS rocket launchers have a low blast radius than most popular Year 1 rocket launchers, and therefore are not viable in the Crucible. A standout feature is its clear, round scope: the holographic circle allows for much greater visibility when aiming down sights compared to other launchers.