NEW Exotics, Arenas, “Quests”

This article may contain spoilers!

With the new patch that was recently announced, there’s tons of new items that have been added to Destiny’s database.

In this article you’ll find everything that’s brand new, along with some older stuff that’s been updated.

Keep in mind that all of this information is subject to change. The Dark Below releases on 12/9, so there’s a lot of time for Bungie to make changes/additions.

dark below symbolItems with this image are 100% confirmed to be coming with The Dark Below.


Check out this Dark Below HD album to see high quality Dark Below in-game screenshots.


The Will of Crota and The Undying Mind are coming in The Dark Below. The Undying Mind is a PS timed exclusive until Fall 2015.

Traiter’s Ketch is a House of Wolves Strike.

will of crota
Join a fireteam of three and face the most feared minions of the Darkness.
  • The Will of Crota – Omnigul, the mastermind of Crota’s armies, nests in the Cosmodrome. Eliminate this horror and purge its spawn.
  • The Undying Mind – An ancient Mind, feared by the Vex themselves, hides among the channels of the Black Garden. Find this machine and end its existence.
  • Traitor’s Ketch – A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker’s end.
  • Vanguard Dragon – Launches a random Strike at level 28

[divider]Crucible Maps

Dark Below


  •  Skyshock – Old Russia, Earth
  • Pantheon – Black Garden, Mars
  • The Cauldron – Ocean of Storms, Moon

House of Wolves

  • Black Shield – Firebase Thuria, Phobos
  • Thieves’ Den – Ishtar Sink, Venus
  • The Timekeeper – Meridian Bay, Mars
  • Widow’s Court – European Dead Zone, Earth

[divider]Crucible Modes

2v2 (Doubles) has been added to the database, along with modes that do not use the motion tracker (radar).

“Hardcore” and “Inferno” modes do not have trackers.

Dead Orbit

  • Inferno Control
  • Hardcore Salvage

New Monarchy

  • Hardcore Rumble
  • Hardcore Skirmish
  • Doubles Skrimish

Future War Cult

  • Inferno Clash

[divider]The Arena

Very little is known about this “raid,” which is coming in the House of Wolves.

the arena destiny reef
Form a fireteam of six and brave the strange and powerful realms of our enemies.

What used to be called “Reef Raid” is now referred to as The Arena Test yourself.


These are not “story missions” – but a brand new activity mode called Quests. There are more Eris-specific quests below.

quest dark below
Embark on a continuous journey for those who need the help of the Guardians.
  • Fist of Crota – Face the Fist of Crota leading the Spawn on Earth.
  • Ritual of Sacrifice – Descend into the Hellmouth and find the sacrificial chambers.

[divider]Story Missions

Story missions aren’t all we’re going to be doing! Eris-specific “quest steps” are listed near the bottom of this article.

dark below story missions
Embark on adventures alone or with a fireteam to push back the Darkness and reclaim our lost worlds.

Dark Below

  • The Dark BelowEris Morn has landed in the Tower with fears of recent Hive activity. Something is waking on the Moon. Help her stop the rise of Crota.
  • Siege of the WarmindFind Rasputin’s bunker. Defend it against the Hive attack.
  • The WakeningGo to the Temple of Crota and destroy Crota’s soul.

Mission Reward: Shard of the Fist’s Blade

House of Wolves

  • Gone to GroundSearch the Cosmodrome for the Wolf Kell who led the revolt against the Awoken.
  • The TerminusHunt the Wolves’ Kell who has seized control of the Vex Citadel.
  • Wolf HarvestTrack down the Queen’s traitorous Wolves hiding among the House of Winter.

[divider]Old Items, New Icons

Before we dive into the brand new items, the following items have updated thumbnails:

Spinmetal Spirit Bloom Relic Iron Helium Filaments Ascendant Energy iconc1e3ead1cb52b6c443ca026857d9e35d An Insurmountable Skullfort Sunbreakers iconfd2d587251eade13e0af93a82d94191a icon4af5f8c52e90d1e8691602399e50c4c6




There’s still only 1 Exotic Sparrow and Ship, but the Ship has been updated with a new thumbnail. I have a feeling these will be earned via Exotic Treasure Maps.

There’s new Legendary Sparrows, two of which will be rewarded in the Trials of Osiris.


For more about the Legendary upgrade materials, as well as evolving weapons, click here.


[divider]Legendary Raid Weapons

New Upgrade Perks

There’s more than this, but these are particularly interesting:

icona9261a91ca549e7980b3a316e4c93165211Dark Breaker

Projectiles will overpenetrate through Hive Knight Wall of Darkness.



Enemies hit by this weapon are briefly highlighted.



This weapon deals bonus damage to stronger Hive enemies.



Three rapid kills in succession will heal a small amount and start shield regeneration.




[divider]Legendary Raid Armor

Dark Below and House of Wolves raid armor pieces are listed below.

There’s also 2 new Legendary materials that probably have something to do with upgrading Legendary items, as well as upgrading raid items:

New upgrade perks (there’s more – check out the items):

iconfaeef11aa7b38d565ed273a94e57de401Moment of Power

Gain a temporary increase to weapon damage while Oversoul’s Gaze is active.


moment of sp1eedMoment of Speed

Gain a temporary increase to reload speed while Oversoul’s Gaze is active.


icona9261a91ca549e7980b3a316e4c93165Swordbearer’s Touch

Gain a temporary increase to Agility while carrying the sword of a Hive Swordbearer.






[divider]Crucible / Vanguard Legendary Armor

Some of the following items are coming in the House of Wolves.

A lot of the Trials of Osiris items have been updated as well. To see those items, click here.


[toggle title=”Helmets” state=”close” ]


[toggle title=”Chests” state=”close” ]


[toggle title=”Gauntlets” state=”close” ]


[toggle title=”Boots” state=”close” ]


[divider]Crucible / Vanguard Legendary Weapons

These are bought using Crucible or Vanguard Marks (the tooltips will specify), not raid-related like the ones above.

Remember: Items with this symbol dark below symbol are coming to The Dark Below


[toggle title=”Primary” state=”close” ]


[toggle title=”Special” state=”close” ]


[toggle title=”Heavy” state=”close” ]



You may recognize some of these Exotics, but now they’ve got unique thumbnail images and updated perks. There’s many brand new additions too!

Hover over the item to see its tooltip, or click an item to see everything known about the item.


The upgrade perks on these Exotics are insane! Lord of Wolves can light your foes on fire… on FIRE.

Items with dark below symbol are coming with The Dark Below expansion.

Auto Rifle

Scout Rifle

Sniper Rifle


Rocket Launcher


Hover over the item to see its tooltip, or click to see everything known about the item.





[divider]Eris MornCrota’s Bane

eris morn dark below destiny

Among the last of those Guardians who faced Crota, Eris works in the shadows to bring about his end.

For more about Eris, check out this article.

To see everything Eris currently has in her inventory, click here.


Murmur is a rare fusion rifle that will transform into a better, Legendary version after you’ve increased your reputation rank with her.

[divider]Eris‘ Faction Reward Armor

Shaders & Emblems





icon75eda0e122fe529e44c4d6317373084aEris’ Bounties

These can be acquired from Eris. Hover over the bounties to see their descriptions. Update: This article has the new bounties.



iconc316deaa7dc343b99c6d61d91bec4edbQuests v1

Hover over the quests to see their descriptions.



Completed: “Is there a threat you wouldn’t face?” -Eris

Completed: “You have avenged countless lives, Guardian.” -Eris

Completed: “All black hearts must be broken.” -Eris

Completed: “My fears appear to be true, this could be the beginning of a dark journey.” -Eris

Completed: “At long last, Guardian. We may finally lure their king here.” -Eris

Completed: N/A

Completed: “You don’t fear the shadows. Maybe there is still hope for the Light.” -Eris

Completed: “None have faced the Hated and survived…until now.” -Eris

Completed: “Omnigul is no more. The Light grows stronger thanks to you, Guardian.” -Eris

iconb6ff17844e72f37477d3098e892e7ae7Quests v2

Urn of Sacrifice



[divider]New Areas

Video: Guide to entering Traitor’s Ketch

Video: New area in The Dark Below

Video: Preview of The Hypogeum

Video: Terminus Ghost Locations