xur worth buying impossible machines crest of alpha lupi

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Exotic Chest Engram Yes 19
Legacy Gauntlet Engram 29
Crest of Alpha Lupi Titan 13
Don’t Touch Me Hunter 13
The Impossible Machines Warlock 13


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The Crest of Alpha Lupi is the perfect example of a very good, but very boring Exotic. As a “Keeper of the Pack” Exotic it’s all about team synergy, but know it’s more difficult to use because of the Revive changes. Your first Super “orb move” will grant you an extra orb – making the cap one higher overall. Defenders will make 3 with WoD, Sunbreakers will spawn 2 with the first significant Hammer kill, and Strikers will pop one more when they shake the earth.

Aside from this, you’ll be able to resurrect teammates with lightning speed, and they you. One of these perks is excellent for PvE, and both are quite good for PvP. Arguably, revive speed is less important in PvE these days, with Nightfall having the 30 second hard cap, but orb generation is more helpful than ever. For Sunbreakers, that’s 20% more orbs; for Defenders, 50%. These are non-trivial. For team play, Crest of Alpha Lupi gets a lowtier. Solo players will want to avoid it.


Don’t Touch Mea4678b2b41f56ca05eb6df01bf44861b

You’re not nearly as likely to get one-shot melee’d in the current game, so you’ll almost always get a practical use from the invisibility here. The key is that they still aren’t fantastic unless abusing Shadowjack, and the NS has far more reliable ways of going invisible with Smoke Bombs + SAGs.

Perkwise, they’re like the Immolation Fists in that you’re stuck with Switchblade, which you’re frankly going to likely go with over Impact Induction/Momentum Transfer anyway. PR Loader is a great Primary option, and Shotgun Loader may be more necessary with the slated December nerfs to Reload Speed – if you use them. Otherwise, I always say aim for Sniper Rifle Reload.


The Impossible Machines6eb83e602efd0261945f7205b2df2775

These grant the nerf’d “Landfall” perk, free of charge. This frees up Ionic Blink or Superconductor – both excellent perks for PvP and PvE, respectively. Landfall deals damage around the caster, and disorients targets who somehow survived. Pair it with Superconductor and Transendence for the ultimate PvE add-clearance.

Take damage, sprint up to a high-health foe, pop Stormtrance. You’ll take a huge chunk off their health bar, stun them, and get full health in the process. These gauntlets are very momentum-friendly, with Landfall getting the ball rolling and Superconductor cleaning up. In PvP, surprise a Defender Titan or anyone beneath you and deke around with Ionic Blink. B+ in PvE, and a recommendation for PvP as well.