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Eris Morn, Swords, & MORE!

Published on: Nov 24, 2014 @ 0:09

GameInformer was given an exclusive first look at some of the new content coming in The Dark Below!


Sword Gameplay

Open-world sword combat? Yes please!

[divider]Eris (Tower Vendor)

We have a list of all of her bounties/quests (such as Fist of Crota) in this article.

As you can see, she sells the necessary upgrade materials for Husk of the Pit and Murmur.

It appears she will also sell us Radiant materials, which are needed to upgrade the new Legendary raid gear.

[divider]Crota’s End Raid (“One Way Trip”)

To see what bosses we’ll be facing, click here.


We’ve listed all of the expansion Exotics (including House of Wolves) in this article.

The GlasshouseObsidian MindDon’t Touch MeMk. 44 Stand Asides, and Radiant Dance Machines are not shown!

[divider]Legendary Raid Weapons

Click here to see all of the Legendary raid armor, weapons, and all of the new perks!

[divider]Crucible Maps

More Crucible maps are coming in the House of  Wolves, as well as 2v2 and “hardcore (no trackers) modes!

  • Pantheon: First truly symmetrical map.
  • Skyshock: Compartmentalized infantry zones; vehicles dominating one space, infantry dominating another.
  • Cauldron: Unique locations (easy to recognize). Small team/Rumble map.


The Will of Crota Strike is coming for everyone, and The Undying Mind is a PS exclusive until Fall 2015.


  • The Will of Crota – Omnigul, the mastermind of Crota’s armies, nests in the Cosmodrome. Eliminate this horror and purge its spawn.
  • The Undying Mind – An ancient Mind, feared by the Vex themselves, hides among the channels of the Black Garden. Find this machine and end its existence.

Story Missions

  • The Dark Below – Eris Morn has landed in the Tower with fears of recent Hive activity. Something is waking on the Moon. Help her stop the rise of Crota.
  • Siege of the Warmind – Find Rasputin’s bunker. Defend it against the Hive attack.
  • The Wakening – Go to the Temple of Crota and destroy Crota’s soul.


For more about the new “quest” activity mode, click here.


Notice anything familiar? We’ve published videos showing off sneak peaks of these areas!