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Do you love the new Elimination gametype, but wish you could play it during the week? Have you found yourself unable to compete in Trials of Osiris because you need teammates?

Today, we’re introducing the Elimination playlist as a standard Crucible activity. This is the same intense, winner-take-all, 3v3 action that has defined the Trials of Osiris, but with several key differences:

  • Power Advantages are disabled – just like all the other standard Crucible playlists
  • Skill-matching is enabled – we’ll try to find you an equal match based on your Crucible statistics
  • Teammate Matchmaking is enabled – we’ll find you allies for your mission to eliminate the opposition
  • Map cycling is enabled – it will be rare to play on the same map twice in a row
  • Rewards are standard – you’ll benefit from the new Crucible reward matrix, including more Marks and Legendary items

Practice for the Trials ahead, or make some friends to join you for the next weekend event. Like many good things in Crucible, this playlist is temporary.

The games begin at 10AM Pacific, and they last for one whole week.