Destiny Mythbusters Episode 2

Published on: Oct 15, 2014 @ 20:42

Destiny has given rise to plenty of myths and legends, many of which are related to the Crucible.

If you missed the first episode of this series by DefendTheHouse, click here to watch it.[divider]

Video: Destiny Mythobusters Episode 2

Destiny players swap a lot of stories about what is and isn’t possible in game. With 3.2 million people logging in every day, there’s a lot of potential for rumors. [divider]

Confirmed or Busted?

Here are the myths that get either ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Busted’ in the video:

Myth: You can get a headshot with the impact from a grenade.


Myth: Swarm grenades will get trapped inside the Ward of Dawn.


Myth: You can be launched by a Phalanx.


Myth: You can avoid the damage from a stuck grenade by teleporting.


Myth: You can get a Double Down (double kill) on the same player.