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December Exotics in PvP (CR Recap #24)

Published on: Nov 30, 2015 @ 11:56

The Destiny world is buzzing as it awaits a balance patch in December that brings along with it a slew of Exotics to hunt and collect.

The Crucible Radio guys are buzzing as well, and have analyzed each and every coming Exotic to see how they might reshape the face of the Crucible.


MIDA Multi-Tool

Soaring clear above all others, the most anticipated exotic this December will be the MIDA Multi-Tool. A strong, top-tier weapon both in Year 1 and in the current 2.0 meta, MIDA will only continue to bring success to those who choose to wield it. Crucible Radio has been obsessed with the increased speed and comfortable rate of fire for months, and with pulse rifles taking a slight hit, scouts are sure to have a fighting chance. The MIDA offers incredible positioning abilities and an impressive stagger – it’s a must-have this December.

The Armamentarium

A popular Titan chest piece from Year 1, the Armamentarium returns to bring Titans double grenades and likely a lot of special or heavy ammo. The Armamentarium was commonly seen on Strikers with lightning grenades, providing them with the ability to shut down areas of the map as well as rack up the kills. It’s possible that this chest piece might bring more Strikers to the Crucible, but a Sunbreaker with multiple incendiary or fusion grenades will also be a scary sight. Another must-have.

Dragon’s Breath

Unless this exotic rocket launcher sees a major change, there’s just no way it ever replaces Truth in the Crucible. It was fun in PvE when messing around, but Dragon’s Breath might find itself buried in the vault if it stays the same in Year 2.

Plan C

It’s been a long, long time since Plan C dominated the Crucible – whether or not it returns to power remains to be seen with 2.1’s weapon balances, but it very well might be a force to be reckoned with once again. The key to Plan C is the fact that it actually offers a hidden speed boost when equipped, not unlike the Multi-tool. If fusions get a fighting chance after shotguns get nerfed, the Plan C will be the one to use.

Nothing Manacles

“Nothing” game-breaking with these Warlock gauntlets from House of Wolves, but the Nothing Manacles did encourage Voidwalkers to use anything else besides Axion Bolts. The main caveat of the Manacles is the fact that the tracking scatter grenades must hit a target pretty dead on, as opposed to nearby like most other grenades. If you’ve got a clear toss, you might want to try Bloom to experience the “mini-nova bomb” effect.

Super Good Advice

Here’s another exotic weapon that would need to see some changes if expected to show up in the Crucible. The fact of the matter is, not all exotics are designed for PvP, and Crucible Radio is OK with that. Although every bullet returning to the mag is pretty nice…

ATS/8 Tarantella

A brand new exotic chest piece for Hunters, the Tarantella offers increased charge rates for blade dance and arc grenades. There aren’t any great exotics that make Bladedancer the go-to choice for Hunters at the moment, so if the charge rate is significant, the Tarantella might bring a few more blades around. Check out Planet Destiny’s exclusive review and see if it spikes your interest.

Apotheosis Veil

The Warlock helmet that never saw much Crucible action is returning in Year 2 and we’re not sure what to think of it. There are a few great exotic for Warlocks, and the exotic ability of recharging health when activating a super isn’t the best choice. However, if you prefer an aggressive playstyle or find yourself popping supers when in a bind, the Veil might be able to help.

Peregrine Greaves

Unless you’re trying to troll a Sunbreaker with a flying knee, the exotic Titan legs should be saved for Nightfalls. The Captain Falcon reference is certainly appreciated though.

No Land Beyond

Is there another exotic to receive as much hate as No Land Beyond? Don’t answer that. Considered a pure novelty weapon by most, the fact of the matter is, it’s a sniper in the primary slot. Sharpshooters can be so deadly with NLB so don’t underestimate it. Thankfully it can’t revive snipe, which makes it less of a threat in Trials of Osiris.

Radiant Dance Machines

If you love strafing with the MIDA, love playing Hunter, and love being hard to hit, the Radiant Dance Machines are for you. They don’t necessarily improve your game universally, but when paired with the right perks and weapons, they can be a tricky tool for Hunters. Moving quick while aiming down sights will certainly provide an edge in 1v1 encounters.

Achlyophage Symbiote

In Year 1, there was a clear choice for Gunslingers, and it was this helmet. Since 2.0, the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets have become incredibly effective in the Crucible, but a fourth Golden Gun shot can really be a nasty bonus. It’s a tough call, but the Symbiote is possibly the best exotic for Gunslingers.

Twilight Garrison

Thanks to a bug that allowed certain players to acquire this new Titan chest piece, we know that the Twilight Garrison offers a brand new evade move for Titans that could very well be the new go-to exotic for Titans. Using a double-tap like Shadestep, Titans can move side to side or even backwards with the Garrison. Considering Titans are already incredibly agile with the “skating” technique, Twilight Garrison could make them the absolute leader of the pack when it comes to mobility.

Hard Light

It’s been awhile since auto rifles have dominated PvP, but 2.1 suggests that they might be able to make a true return. If so, Hard Light is not a bad choice. The main thing to remember is that Hard Light has an aim assist value of 100, and is not affected by damage drop off. Every last bullet counts in tight situations, so it’s good to know that Hard Light will always do full damage. Ricochet kills are pretty sweet, too.

Bones of Eao

It’s hard not to love the Bones of Eao. They give an extra jump to Hunters, turning a triple jump into a quadruple jump. In raids, they’re a blast, in the Crucible, they can be situational but effective. Using the extra jump to play mind games with opponent can certainly give agile players an edge, but sometimes a jump can be used to escape certain death. Having an extra bounce to save you from falling off the edge or above a grenade might very well make the Bones of Eao a contender in the Crucible.


So that’s it for these Exotics – Birds, Bones and Swain will be collecting them all. Which exotics do are you looking forward to acquiring the most, and which ones do you think will reshape the metagame in December?