Daybreak Strikes – Weekly Rituals

Age of Triumph Releases March 28!

Utter Mayhem

The ‘Daybreak‘ Nightfall modifier will cause all of your abilities to charge up very fast. Daybreak will also encompass the ‘Epic’ modifier within it.

Daybreak modifier increases recharge of all abilities.

Daybreak will be a rotating modifier, available once per month. However, beginning on July 18th through August, it’s going to be one of the Nightfall modifiers each week.


“Generous as Heck”

Bungie’s goal for Age of Triumph is for it to be the most rewarding experience we’ve had. Blue Flames & an XP boost will be making a return for players that complete the Nightfall.

Players will have the chance to earn more legendary marks and the new Treasure of Triumph from the weekly playlists.

  • 390 LL Challenge of Elders will reward up to 30 legendary marks and a Legendary Engram
  • Weekly Story Playlist will offer up to 100 legendary marks and a new Treasure of Ages box.
  • Playing in the weekly PvP playlist will earn you 10 marks and a Treasure of Ages box.
  • Heroic Siva Strikes now award up to 30 legendary marks and one Treasure of Ages.

In addition to the rewards for completing weekly activities, Shaxx will also have an additional weekly bounty to complete.

Shaxx isn’t the only friendly face in the tower with a new task. The Speaker has a 12 part quest that will be our first entry to the Age of Triumph’s festivities.


Perfected Playlists

Weekly playlists are changing. A weekly story playlist was revealed and will guide us through all the story missions from Destiny 1. These missions have been updated to 380 light and have had strike modifiers added to them. This is the first time since Queen’s Wrath that we will see modifiers in story content.

The addition of the weekly story playlist has pushed out the daily crucible mode. There will be one PvP mode selectable from the director, and it will rotate between 6v6 game types.

Prison of Elders has been bumped up to 390 light level, but lower light versions will still be available via the reef. The PoE bounty obtained from Variks will apply to the updated playlist.


Tower Toys

Tess has brought new & old treasures. The Treasure of Ages box will contain nearly all of the rewards from previous events, in addition to brand new items.

  • Age of Triumph Armor (Class Specific)
  • Ships
  • Shaders
  • Weapon Ornaments:
    • No Land Beyond, Necrochasm, Vex Mythoclast, Touch of Malice, Dragon’s Breath, Lord of Wolves, & Suros Regime

Since Silver Dust will not transfer to Destiny 2, Bungie has also updated the Eververse kiosk for players to spend remaining dust on individual rewards from past loot boxes. Guardians will also be able to purchase engrams from different factions from this kiosk.

Bungie has one more stream before the launch of Age of Triumph. On March 22nd we will learn about how the introduction of old raid weapons will affect the sandbox, as well as get a look at some of the new gear we will be able to earn.