Dark Below BOSSES?

Published on: Oct 31, 2014 @ 6:38

After a little digging through Bungie’s files, the Dark Below ultra’s and major’s may have been unveiled!

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Awhile ago we posted about the third subclass/Dark Below enemy rumor, which you can read here. While I’m still very skeptical of a third subclass coming any time soon, the enemy names listed at the end of that article have been confirmed!

You can check this out on Bungie’s website here.

Enemy Names

I’ve copy and pasted the important information (removed some miscellaneous info – which you can read on Bungie.net), and highlighted in bold are the actual the names.


  • Gnath, the Diviner“, — RaidHiveship0Major0″
  • Cryth, the Siphon“, — RaidHiveship0Major1″
  • Noctu, the Lightslayer“, — RaidHiveship0Major2″
  • The Wall“, — RaidHiveship0Major3″
  • Voldor, the Willkeeper“, — RaidHiveship0Major4″
  • Divined Vision“, — RaidHiveship0Major5″
  • Dredge Exploder“, — RaidHiveship0Major6″
  • Storgor, the Shatterer“, — RaidHiveship0Ultra0″
  • The Veil“, — RaidHiveship0Ultra1″
  • The Oversoul“, — RaidHiveship0Ultra2″

Will of Crota Strike

  • Omnigul, the Adjunct“, — StrikeCosmo1Major0″

Omnigul is the only new enemy that’s been directly confirmed by Bungie; She is the boss for the “Will of Crota” strike.

raid crota

We can now assume that this piece of information (from Reddit user FrancisGX) is also correct:

Crota’s End will take place on a Hive ship. Beating the Oversoul on hardmode has a chance to earn you the Necrochasm, an arc auto-rifle that frequently triggers a cursed thrall explosion on precision kills. Gear obtained in this raid will effectively raise the light level cap to 32.