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Playing at an Elite Level (CR #31 Recap)

This week on Crucible Radio, the guys brought on Luminosity, a member of the championship team from the recent FarCognitions tournament. He’s a popular streamer and quite possibly the best player in the game right now; Lumi has some really good information that can help anyone up their game and start playing like the pros.


Find a Crew

The elite players are only as good as their team. Behind every great player is a great team, and challenging other great players can forge relationships that lead to a great team of your own. It’s also important to get along with your team, because friends always play better together.

Embrace the Best Gear

It might sometimes be tough to realize that “old” weapons dominate, but the best players in the game don’t hold themselves back from winning just because a gun comes from Year 1. If it’s got the best stats, chances are it’s going to help you, and by using anything else you’re simply handicapping yourself against teams who are willing to use what works.


Teams that work as a single unit are the most effective. Sure, it’s important to win the 1v1 fights, but making more encounters 2v1 or 3v2 will ensure a greater chance for success. Don’t charge ahead without a teammate close behind, and make sure to support your teammates when they are in trouble.


Staying high energy and positive can have a tremendous effect on your game and teammates, even when you’re not realizing it. Energy promotes confidence and prevents teams from spiraling when down on the scoreboard. Between games, it’s crucial to maintain energy in order to keep the “flow” and continue to play well.

Call Out Everything

Communication wins games, but good call outs aren’t simply pointing out where an enemy has died or whether or not you’re safe to be revived. Explaining what you are doing or what the enemy is doing can make or break the next engagement even if you are not involved. Listen to tournament-level teams and you’ll notice there is never any dead air in the party chat during a game.

Grenade Check

Most players spec for Discipline to ensure the most grenades possible in a game, but the best players know exactly how important they really are. In order to create more advantages, never rush forward into a new space without a grenade at the ready. If on your own and the grenade is still charging, regroup with teammates instead of revealing your position.

Count Enemy Grenades

Most competitive scenarios (scrimmages, tournaments) are played in 3v3 playlists. It’s easy to remember which subclasses each enemy uses, and therefore what grenades might come your way. Be wary of powerful grenades like the Sunsinger’s firebolt with Viking Funeral or the deadly Voidwall/Smoke combo from a Nightstalker. If you know the enemy has used a grenade, communicate with your team and take advantage of a good opportunity to push.

Spawn Locations

With constant movement and respawning, it can be tough to pay attention when enemies approach from all sides. This can be managed whenever a big play is made and all three opponents are dead. They’ll be forced to spawn together and in a safe space, normally on the edges of the map. Use the brief time between spawns to adjust your positioning in relation to where the enemy team will appear in order to take advantage of strong map locations.

Stay Moving

Luminosity is described as “slippery” because he’s always on the move. With jumps and slides and shadesteps, it’s impossible to catch him standing in one place for more than half a second. This makes him a very tricky target to hit and keep track of even when using callouts efficiently. If you stay on the move, your opponents will be forced to constantly readjust, throwing off their plan of attack.


Remember, the best way to learn how the elite players do it is to watch them. Find a good stream and observe – you’ll be sure to pick up on a few tricks that you can bring to the Crucible right away.