Crucible Radio #49

Last week the crew spoke at length about Fusion Rifles with The Battlebros. The team decided to get back to basics this week. 

00:05 – Weekly introductions, Fusion Rifle perfection & effective ranges.

07:15 –  Benefits of high Impact/slow RoF Fusion Rifles & map/position awareness

10:15 – The squad reveals its encounter with one of the rarest drops in the game. You can find this gem in the Vault of Glass: The Praetorian Foil. 

19:16 – Our resident “Bungie Apologist” spills the beans on a controversy fans have been talking about for ages.

27:00 – A discussion of the recent leak and potential changes to the PvP/PvE landscape.

30:00 – 1 year anniversary coming up + Crucible Radio apparel!