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Crota’s End Loot Table

Published on: Dec 10, 2014 @ 21:50

Crota’s End drops loot more consistently and in greater numbers than VoG.

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From Bungie:

For Raids, players cannot earn new raid-specific loot from the raid more than once a week per mode. The normal and hard Raid modes have their own separate loot tables, so the two modes can be completed separately or can be combined.

Completing normal mode does not lock out earning loot on the incomplete hard mode. However, if a player starts the Raid on hard mode and completes it, they will receive the loot rewards from both the normal and hard difficulty mode.


Our Loot

Chest Locations

[divider]Chest #1


[divider]Weight of Darkness Zone


Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Gauntlets Dogged Gage Willbreaker’s Fists Deathsinger’s Grip
Weapons Category Mode
Oversoul Edict Primary Hard


Click here to watch our mini-guide about this area.


Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Chests Relentless Harness Willbreaker’s Resolve Deathsinger’s Mantle
Boots Tireless Striders Willbreaker’s Greaves Deathsinger’s Herald
Weapons Category Mode
Abyss Defiant Primary Hard

[divider]Chest #2

[divider]Ir Yût, the Deathsinger


Class Items


  • Random Exotic Weapon
  • Random Exotic Armor




Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Helmets Unyielding Casque Willbreaker’s Watch Deathsinger’s Gaze
Primary (Hard Mode) Special (Normal Mode) Heavy (Normal Mode)
Random Exotic Weapon

Word of Crota
Fang of Ir Yût

Random Exotic Weapon

Light of the Abyss
Black Hammer

Random Exotic Weapon

Song of Ir Yût
Hunger of Crota