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Crota’s End Difficulty: 30 & 33

Published on: Nov 30, 2014 @ 16:49

The Dark Below is being released on December 9th, and it’s now been confirmed that the Crota’s End raid will actually be available that same day!

There’s also going to be an update tomorrow morning (12/1), according to Bungie, which likely will get the game ready for the expansion and might even be for the Exotic buffs.

Bungie’s president said it will “unlock over time” a month ago – so they’ve either changed their mind, or perhaps we’ll need to complete certain quests before gaining access?


Even though Crota’s End will have a starting difficulty of level 30, we do not have to be level 30 to enter.

Crota’s End will have two difficulties: It’ll start at Level 30 (activity power 120), which is considered the Normal version. Luke Smith, Destiny’s lead raid designer, assured us that it’s going to be available 12/9:

Based on the game’s database, the second difficulty will be at level 33 (activity power 156).

Since we’ll only be able to reach level 32, you’ll definitely want to acquire the new Legendary armor and weapons in the normal version to make it a easier for you.

All of the new raid weapons will “deal bonus damage to stronger Hive enemies.”

Speaking of difficulty, what do you guys think of this debuff?

weight of darkness

The “Weight of Darkness” may slow players down more and more.

It’d make sense for a mechanic like this to be in the raid considering that the Hive swarm around you, and not being able to run would make it more challenging.

[divider]Light Level

Thankfully with The Dark Below expansion, we’ll also have more ways to increase our Light level – without having to step foot into the Vault of Glass.

This obviously is going to be a welcome addition to the game, as many people are unable to even raid yet, or have been unlucky in their attempts to obtain any Light-raising gear.

If you haven’t heard, we’ll also have new ways to use our Marks as well, which we discussed in this video:

Who’s going to attempt the new raid on day one?

If you need help with getting to level 30, check out our Endgame Materials Guide and our Guide to Farming.