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Made by deslor, a member of our community
Made by deslor, a member of our community

Hey Guardians, do you love speculating about Destiny? Do you enjoy chatting with like-minded people? Are you tired of the Bungie forums?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I encourage you to head on over to our forums.

Capture was born in early 2013. Our goal today is the same as when we were founded: to provide the most up-to-date news and to cover everything Destiny. Every month we grow, and thrive, and our amazing community welcomes everyone with open arms!

We’re much more inclusive than your average online destination. Our easy going community is for gamers of every breed; new members are the fiber that binds us, so we welcome them warmly! Our focus is around our members, and the staff team works tirelessly to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience.


We currently have a $60 Bungie Store giftcard giveaway going on that Premium members can participate in, which ends September 1st.