Challenge of Elders Guide

This week’s Challenge is an odd mix that strongly favors Sunbreakers and Bladedancers. Team them with Nightstalkers or Defenders to make Orbs, or go all out on the Melee Supers – work up a powerful Super Train either way.

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Scoring This Week

Method Points
Regular Old Kill +25
Melee Kill +35
Grenade Kill +40
Precision Kill +45
Super Kill +100
Assist +25
Orb Generation +20
Ultra Kill +500
Variks Impatient -50 / 45 seconds
  • Points for Kills with Multiple Types stack the Score bonuses of each type.
  • Points are doubled for Round 2 and Tripled for Round 3, i.e. a Round 1 Suncharge kill would be worth (35)+100 = 135 this week, plus 20 points for generating an Orb.


Weapon Recommendations

Super Recharge

These are good, but sub-optimal for teamwork and maximizing scores – which is not to say that you can’t clear 45k and finish in two cards.

Orb Generation

  • Telesto – guaranteed Orb on double kills (low super energy per Orb according to reports)
  • Bolt-Caster – chance for Orb on every kill (50/50 and we all know RNG)

These are better, good for teamwork and maintaining super chains, but may be worse for maximizing Assists.

Pea Shooters (for Assists)

  • Low Impact Scouts – very low body shot damage, highly accurate
  • Mid Impact Auto – (Monte Carlo) technically the lowest body shot damage among weapons on this list, great for spraying groups of un-shielded adds while on the move.
  • Mid Impact Scouts – low body shot damage, highly accurate
  • High Impact Scouts – medium body shot damage, highly accurate but more difficult to use in close quarters
  • Low Impact Hand Cannons – medium body shot damage,very easy to use in close quarters
  • Low Impact Pulse Rifles – medium body shot damage, accurate but risks landing Crits on the second/third rounds due to recoil
  • Any Sidearm – medium body shot damage, easy to use up close, the burns help drop shields

These are ideal for collecting points from Assists – low Impact Scouts and mid Impact Auto Rifles in particular tend to have a ton of ammo and are probably your best bets. Sidearms are also great thanks to their elemental types and low single-shot damage.



Tier 5 Intellect is a must! Next, on helmets, look for perks that grant Super Energy from specific kill types:

  • Inverse Shadow (Super on any kill, lowest amount)
  • Hands On (Super on Melee kills)
  • Ashes to Assets (Super on Grenade kills)
  • Second Thoughts (Super on Special kills; especially good with Telesto)
  • Heavy Lifting (Super on Heavy kills; especially good with Dark-Drinker or Raze-Lighter)
  • Angel of Mercy (Super energy from reviving Teammates – better than nothing!)

Finally, don’t forget to pick an Artifact that matches your Subclass.


Class Guides


Sunbreakers are the clear winners here, with Suncharge carrying the day. You’ll smash through hordes of enemies with ease, scoring massive points and making Orbs to keep the train rolling. Defenders are a solid support choice with their huge Orb generation potential, and Gift of Light will be especially effective with Brawler in play. Strikers don’t do a whole lot for me, although a well-placed smash can hold a door effectively.


Crest of Alpha Lupi is the only one that really stands out to me here. Every Super use nets you an extra 20 points, which isn’t much, but it also helps you get your teammates up in a hurry if they go down, which can be nice. And there aren’t any other stand-out Super-based Exotics to compete with so there you go.



The Warlock Supers suffer compared to other classes due to a lack of Melee Supers. That said, Stormtrance will rack up the usual ridiculous number of kills, and well-used Nova Bombs can chain very nearly infinitely with Obsidian Mind. Sunsingers do have great melee abilities, but none of their kills count for Super points, so they’re at a huge disadvantage.


Impossible Machines is my pick for Stormcaller, since there are no other subclass exotics. Voidwalkers must use Obsidian Mind – free Nova Bomb energy for every Nova Bomb kill, yes please! Light Beyond Nemesis does work for all subclasses, and is probably the best pick for Sunsingers to get a few extra Orb scores in. However, they could also run Heart of the Praxic to give allies (and themselves) a few more Ability uses.



Bladedancers get their time in the sun this week, with bonus Melee points in every Super Kill, plus extra damage on each strike. Gunslingers do pretty well too, with Throwing Knife comboing the Melee damage from Brawler with the double points on Melee Precision Kills to very nearly match Super Kills. Just make sure to use Combustion to rack up a few more Super kills. Finally, Nightstalkers are the ultimate support class – use Black Hole and Light of the Pack to set up your teammates Super uses and immediately recharge them all in one go.


Bladedancers should run Tarantella in between Super uses to cut 30 seconds out of their Charge time, and switch to Mask of the Third Man for an extra strike or two during, unless their teammates have a major Orb train running. Gunslinger’s would do well to use Achlyophage Symbiote for the extra Golden Gun shot, but Crest of Alpha Lupi at least nets you an Orb. You don’t need a melee Exotic because Gambler’s Dagger is the best perk in its column. Finally, Nightstalkers don’t have any real options other than Crest of Alpha Lupi, so go with that. You’re an Orb machine anyway – embrace it!


Thanks for reading Guardians – go rock out this week’s Challenge and report back with your high scores, subclasses, and what strats you used in the comments! Can’t wait to read them!