The Art of Destiny

Published on: Oct 17, 2014 @ 19:42 sat down with Bungie’s 3D character art lead Shiek Wang to talk about Destiny’s art. The interview gives us a behind the scenes look at some of the thought processes that Bungie put into the art of Destiny. To see nearly all of Bungie’s concept art for Destiny, click here. Also be sure to check out the Art of Destiny book![divider] What are some of the things you learned from Halo that you were able to incorporate into Destiny? We learned a lot of lessons with Halo, and many of the approaches we took were informed by

Interview with Luke Smith on Raids

Published on: Oct 16, 2014 @ 16:21 Bungie’s Luke Smith, lead designer on the Vault of Glass, had an interview with discussing the raid. He talks about challenges they faced, the reasons behind some of the design decisions, raid matchmaking, future raids, and much more. Smith worked with a small team to create the Vault of Glass. They were operating under significantly different design constraints than the rest of the team, and it shows in the finished product. [divider] Interview Highlights The raid feels like it was designed by an entirely different team from the rest of Destiny. Was that the case? Luke Smith: In a certain way,

Live Action Trailer BTS

Published on: Oct 3, 2014 @ 16:49 This article can also be found at[divider] The launch of Activision and Bungie’s incredible new game Destiny was accompanied by a live action trailer dubbed ‘Become Legend’, a spot directed by Joseph Kosinski for agency 72andSunny. The commercial made heavy use of real locations, practical costumes and effects from Legacy Effects and VFX by Digital Domain to show Fireteam taking on alien invaders at various game locations around the solar system. [divider] Prior to the shoot, Halon was brought on to previs the spot, with 72andSunny and Joseph Kosinski(Oblivion) also concepting and boarding sequences. Digital Domain

Art by @igg1515

Chris Butcher on Design Decisions

 Published on: Sep 7, 2014 @ 23:39 spoke to Technical Director Chris Butcher about Destiny’s design decisions, some of the technical aspects of the game, as well as their plan for the future. [divider] Tell me about the coolest thing that’s happened as you’ve been playing Destiny recently. One night recently we had a few people playing from their homes, just a very low population because there were only about a dozen of us online at once. Suddenly we had enough people that we randomly got a Crucible match going and it got really intense. In this game it was some of

Interview: Behind the Scenes with Bungie

Published on: Sep 5, 2014 @ 8:07 just released an article online, taken from the September 2014 issue of Wired magazine, with an very in-depth interview. For another great behind-the-scenes interview, check out this article. [divider]Summer 1999, Macworld, New York City. The world’s largest trade show devoted to Apple products. It’s the year of the iBook and wireless networking. On stage, Steve Jobs hands over to Jason Jones, cofounder of a video game company named Bungie. After a brief, nervous introduction, Jones begins a demonstration. On screen, an armoured warrior, chased by aliens, runs out of a passageway into a huge, open space —

Behind the Scenes at Bungie

The Guardian just released an article that covers the behind the scenes aspects of the world’s most expensive video game. [divider] On the wall are multiple LCD displays showing graphs, maps and streams of data; this small windowless box, hidden away in a cavernous converted multiplex in Washington, is crowded with serious-looking people hunched over keyboards, amid a mass of cables and high-spec PCs. It looks like a Nasa control room, and the people working here are as smart as rocket scientists. But this isn’t a launch site – this is a game development studio. What these people are waiting for is the

Bungie on Destiny’s Art Direction

Gamasutra recently posted an interview with Jason Sussman, senior environment artist at Bungie, about the art direction for the game. If you’re interested in the official Destiny Art Book, check out this article. [divider] Can you explain the art direction for Destiny? JS: Well, what it is… So, what it is, when the Traveller came, humanity branched out across the universe. So there’s evidence of humanity across the universe. That’s the foundation. All of that is based, specifically from an art perspective, in reality — the destinations as a whole. We’re amplifying that, of course, with humanity branching out. We’re also bringing some

Destiny is our “entire focus”

PlayStation Access talks to DeeJ from Bungie about the studio’s epic shooter Destiny, asking what they learned from the game’s beta and how big it will eventually be. [divider] TotalXbox interviewed Bungie’s director of production Jonty Barnes, which you can read below. Activision, you might recall, was obliged to publish a version of its contract with Bungie to develop the Destiny franchise back in May 2012, as part of a legal clash with former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella. Some aspects of the contract have been shown to be thoroughly obsolete, such as the mention of a timed exclusivity deal