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Burning Shrine Trials Tips

burning shrine trials tips

Movement and positioning is everything, but communication goes hand in hand. Be sure to agree on a set of callouts and constantly narrate what you or the enemy is doing at all times. Letting a teammate know that someone is going through the hallway on their left might be the key to winning a round.



Choke Points

These are the spots on the map that see the most action. Good players will know to check these spots constantly, but also use other paths to get to their targets.

The paths are straightforward on Shrine – watch out for hardscoping snipers using the “headglitch” technique. There are many spots for a sniper to stand where you won’t see them, but they’ll see you. Teams spawning outside might try to stay on the sand in order to use the glaring sun behind them to their advantage. If you encounter a team using this strategy, just remember that they’ll need to come inside if the timer expires, so the inside team actually has the advantage as long as they stay patient.

choke points burning shrine


This should really be labelled ‘Head-glitches’, as 90% of the sniper lanes in this map make use of a head-glitch in some form or other.

> Head Glitching is when people hide behind cover and only the top of their head is showing, yet, they can still shoot you due to the way FPS games work. (It’s not a glitch; regardless of the term.)

Most of these sniping lanes can be reached within a few seconds of spawn, and you’ll want to actively avoid these when shotgunning, pushing up and into cover to effectively push people out of these lanes to less comfortable sniping positions.


  • ‘A Flag’ through ‘A Door’
  • ‘Low/Outside Spawn’ through ‘C Door’
  • ‘C Door’ to ‘A Bridge’
  • ‘C Flag’ to ‘C Mid’
  • ‘A Mid’ to ‘C Mid’


This can be a surprisingly tough to manage if you spawn inside, generally pushing with a shotgun pushes the enemy outside to play passively outside; this leads to long games and a lot of overtime capture points where the enemy are forced into close quarters against you.

If you spawn outside, however, I would highly suggest splitting your forces between C mid and Big door, pushing through both and push the bridge to gain control of inside ASAP. Once you have control of the bridge this forces the enemy into places where it is difficult to snipe and where they can be swiftly dealt with with a shotgun; these are generally incredibly quick games when played correctly.


 Dr3w101 Interview

Drew has played 2000+ Trials of Osiris games, sitting comfortably inside the top 1000 Trials players. He splits his time effectively between shotgunning and sniping, with 5500 kills in total between the two. 

Bring sunglasses to this map; it’s to avoid those choke points between inside and outside when playing indoors. Going anywhere near them gives huge disadvantages not only because of the sun but also the various head glitches that outside players can pick and choose from.  

Do you run the same strategy every game? How does that playout?

It obviously changes depending on which side we spawn in on. Inside generally involves pushing to the A mid to C mid lane and taking out players that run inside straight out the gate, meanwhile I have a second sniper on A bridge also watching C mid.

Outside spawn varies according to how the other team plays. Initially we’ll move into C mid and watch A mid and C flag from there we’ll try and get a pick and collapse on it. If that doesn’t work we’ll be a bit more conservative and play the three choke points and try and to get a player down that way.

What would people have to do to counter that strategy, if you find that works 95% of the time?

To counter the inside spawn, rush through big door and pushing either myself on A mid or the other sniper on A bridge. Having three players pushing you simultaneously when you’re alone is difficult to get out of alive no matter how good you are. From that point it’s important to keep control of the orb and use the 3v2 advantage you have to team shot the remaining two enemies if they come to try and revive their teammate.

To counter the outside spawn, when teams rush straight into C mid use a similar strat to the one i mentioned using earlier and hit them with grenades, snipers, or other long range primaries. By that point they’ll either have to back off and retreat outside and more often than not leave a dead teammate behind, or they will stay and fight despite already being in a weakened state.

For teams that stay outside the best option is to generally wait them out, you have control of the flag and they’ll have to go through one of the three choke points.