Bungie Weekly Update 5.2.14


This week at Bungie, we sent three Guardians into the wild. We invited you to come along. It’s very likely that you already saw it, but we’re still gonna post it one more time anyway.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeDaevD7cEo’]

Right about the time those three Guardians were spilling their little secret – along with a ton of Fallen blood – enough journalists to staff a clan let slip with their thoughts and opinions about our game. Admittedly, that resulted in some more talking from us, but someone has to stand up in front of the hot lights and face the music.

Did you see what people had to say? If you’re hungry for information about Destiny, it’s out there, and you don’t have to take our word for it. If you’d like a map that leads to new treasure, we put some fresh waypoints up on Twitter and Facebook. Let us be your guide as you patrol the Internet for secrets from the Golden Age.

Whenever a new explosion of new Destiny info rocks the Internet, the Bungie Community does an amazing job of harnessing its energy. If you feel like you haven’t grasped every detail that escaped from our jealous clutches this week, Datto is laser focused. He does Destiny like no other.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhLBgqPnSUk’]

You can also step into the Destiny Gallery and enjoy some of the new art that illustrated the conversation. Drink in the scenery, or plunder it for context about the world that we’ll invite you to explore soon.

 exotic_hunter_blog_1fireteam_ascent_blog_1fist_of_havoc_blog_1golgotha_blog_1guardians_hive_pod_blog_1  hero_trio_bloghive_boss_blog_1hive_fight_blog_1hunter_sniper_blog_1titan_dodge_blogtitan_sparrow_blog_1tower_hall_blogwarlock_leader_blog_1warlock_melee_blog_1

All of this will be yours to explore soon – and there are other worlds than these. Gonna be a good summer. And it’s starting to warm up.


Summit Party

Did we mention that we have a Facebook page? Yesterday, we crested 1 Million Likes up there. To speed our ascent to the new milestone, we might have teased a Beta Code. Here are some more:

And the climb continues. The last safe city on Earth needs heroes. We’ll search far and wide to find them.


The questions you asked us this week were awesome. We read all 747 of them. It’s clear that the new information has reached your eyeballs. Some of you still overlooked a detail or two. To sort the thorough from the eager, let’s open the Sack.

DontHateTheBest: When will you finally release information about the beta?



Roo: Apart from the combat on the pike we saw in the Law of the Jungle trailer we saw, we haven’t seen much vehicular combat. Is vehicular combat making a return in Destiny?

Yessir. Did we mention that we’re headed to E3?


NuclearNinja23: What’s the difference between a Shrike and a Sparrow?

It’s the same thing as the difference between a Veyron and a Bugatti. And, we reserve the right to change the name of just about anything until we actually finish this game.


Jason1618: Multiple sites are listing a 3 character limit. Is this confirmed?

Nothing is totally confirmed until September 9th. There are a few things that are almost guaranteed not to change. For instance, the game will definitely be called “Destiny.”


Such Wow: Will each enemy have their own home planet?

Perhaps each enemy had their own home planet. Maybe our enemies are the flotsam and jetsam of a thousand scoured worlds.


Valkain: Can you give us a percentage of how much we have actually seen of the game so far?

Hard to calculate. It’s a single digit, though. We’ve left most of this world for you to plunder.

Some of you will curse my name for that right now. You’ll thank me later, when you see Mars for the first time, and you’re actually seeing it for the first time. Playing this game shouldn’t be a vicarious experience. They don’t call these First Person Shooters for nothing.


slayerofkittens: How do you guys combat burnout at this stage, since everyone is no doubt working 60+ hour weeks?

We’re looking forward to you getting your hands on this thing. The thought that you’re about to actually experience our game is what drives us. Oh, and coffee, too. Our coffee robots are pissed! We’re afraid that they’re about to become self-aware and unionize. If that happens, we’ll have no choice but to invade the local Starbucks and set up a Bungie State.

This weekend we should have all the caffeine we need to bash bugs and move closer to our goal. We hope you weekend is equally satisfying.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey. Soon enough, it will be your turn to take the wheel.