Bungie Bounty – Skirmish

Published on: Sep 24, 2014 @ 19:00

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Bungie Bounty

Last week was host to the very first Bungie Bounty.

We had so much fun butting heads with the Destiny community, we’re coming back for more. The inaugural event was a blast – quite literally. Developers faced-off against players in an arena of their own making. The fates chose our opponents. Bungie emerged from the heat of battle gloriously undefeated! Except for that one guy. And his team.

“That’s not what undefeated means!”

In our eyes, everyone wins when a good game is had by all. Good luck trying to convince us otherwise. That’s why we’re returning to the battlefield with fresh bounties on some new heads.

Here’s your chance to pry glory from our cold, dead hands:

Thursday, September 25th
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Pacific
Xbox One

The theme for this week? “Hunt a Technical Artist.”

  • Enormous Corgi – Nate Hawbaker, Technical Artist
  • KAPTURE – Javier Burgos, Senior Technical Artist
  • DeeJ BNG – David Dague, Not even a Technical Artist

An effective hunter studies their prey in advance. To help you know your enemy, they’ve given you some information about what exactly they do at Bungie.

“Every technical artist does something different,” says Nate. “I design our internal tools, and assist with the design of our shader systems.”

Javier is a little more philosophical about his craft. “A technical artist is the connective tissue that bridges gaps between engineering and art,” he says. “We create tools for artist and animators.”

So, what do you say fellas? Has your work on Destiny made you equally skilled with the tools you’ll need to defend our honor in the Crucible?

“I wish,” says Nate.

We’ll be fair game on Thursday evening. Beat us at our own game, and we’ll adorn your nameplate with a special emblem as evidence of your skill and good fortune. Post a link to our shared game (like this) in the comments below to claim victory.

Best of luck. There are no door prizes for this event. We’ll fight back and make you win it.