Bungie Bounty – Control

Published on: Oct 1, 2014 @ 16:51

This article can also be found at Bungie.net[divider]“I’m bringing my bad boy to this. I’ve got a big sack of toys to show off.”

That was Competitive Multiplayer Designer Kevin Yanes as he received his marching orders. For this next Bungie Bounty, we thought it might be fun to take things up a notch. Thus, he was invited to lead the Fireteam.

There are trained killers at Bungie who keep our designers honest. They rule our playtest labs with iron fists that wield controllers with deadly accuracy. Before he ascended the ranks to help create the Crucible experience, Kevin was among the deadliest of them. That happens all the time at Bungie: A PVP Tester of the most terrible lethality joins the very team against whom they were making war on daily basis.

Throughout the development of Destiny, poor Kevin was held back from reaching his full potential on so many occasions.

“No, Kevin!” the designers would say. “We’re not testing for skill right now.”

“Ease down, Kevin!” they would say. “You’re ruining the experiment.”

There were even times when we told him (and those like him) to leave his PS4 dark. The first night of the Beta. Opening day of the launch. For this Bungie Bounty, none of those forms of control are in place. There are no visitors to our studio that need a gentle introduction to the game. There are no noobs to ease into the beginning of the journey.

There is only the Internet. And war!

Thursday, October 2nd
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Pacific
PlayStation 4

Kevin has assembled a flock of our finest assassins. What follows is a roster of Bungie developers who will be playing as a team in the Crucible. Find them and destroy them, if you can. Those of you who emerge victorious will earn an emblem that only Bungie can add to your inventory through the tyranny of our will.

theTocom – Kevin Yanes, Designer
pointcow – John Harris, PVP Tester
mantis_prime – Derek Carroll, Senior Designer
IIPumperII – Nico Long, Engineer
tkblingx2 – Tomonori Kinoshita, Designer
daniel_Out – Daniel Auchenpaugh, Investment Test Lead

Want to claim their bounties? Come and get them. You might thank your lucky stars for matchmaking you with them. We’ll see if you do the same after the match.

“I played Sunsinger before it was cool,” says Kevin.

His bad boy will be on the prowl, backed by a Fireteam that’s just as bad. See if you can make them honest.