Bungie at Gamescom | Destiny 2: Shadowkeep News

Gamescom has arrived, and with it comes much anticipated news for Destiny 2. Bungie sent a team to Germany to show off more of what we can expect from Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying. From new trailers to developer interviews, it looks like there is no end to the excitement from the independent studio. Overall, we saw yet another action packed week on the Destiny 2 front.

Two different trailers were released which hadn’t previously been seen. The first showcased more of the Moon location and some of the enemies returning from Destiny 1. Old favorite Omnigul was shown being hit by what looks like a new exotic rocket launcher shot that created four void orbs which attacked the boss. Ghaul, Crota, Phogoth and Skolas were also shown off a bit, as we know they are among some of the enemies that will be re-visited. On the lore front, we received confirmation that the floating beings on the Moon are dead Guardians, likely from the unfortunate Disaster that happened prior to the first game’s release.

We were also treated to a trailer that focused on the Vex and Season of the Undying. It included the robot aliens’ creation as they marched upon the Black Garden, before being frozen in time. They also seemed to be invading other locations across the solar system, which plays into what we were previously told about the new season.

What’s more, we got a further look at the new finisher system, which included a Titan kick that previously hadn’t been released. This was the first taste of customization for the appearance of finishers, and just how cool some of them will potentially be. The developers confirmed enemies will glow when ready for a finisher, and you will use a melee ability prior to finishing it.

While speaking about the finishers, the Bungie developers also teased a new mode call Nightmare Hunt. There will be three different levels to the event, at power levels 860, 920 and 950. Interestingly, the first two, Adept and Hero, appear to have matchmaking while the third named Legend does not. There were six modifiers tied to the highest level event including ones named after previous enemies faced, such as Zydron.

The artifact for next season, “The Gate Lord’s Eye,” was also showcased with quite a few mods on display. Heavy finisher is one that seems to be quite intriguing, as it generates heavy ammo for the entire fireteam at the cost of half the player’s Super energy. Another featured had “anti-barrier” rounds which would point to breaking a new kind of shield. Overall, the mods feel quite unique and players will look to unlock them quickly to really benefit their Guardians.

Hunters and Titans also were given a first look at exotic armor pieces for each class. For the Hunters there was Assassin’s Cowl, which had previously been seen on art released by Bungie on Twitter. This helmet grants minor health regeneration and invisibility upon use of a finisher, showing that the finishers will be a big part of gameplay going forward. Titans got a peek at Phoenix Cradle, a set of leg armor that empowers the Sun Warrior path of the solar subclass. There was also a look at the legendary Loud Lullaby, and specific raid mods as well.

With all that being said, there was quite a bit of to take in throughout the Gamescom convention. It looks like the information will keep flowing on the road to Shadowkeep until we finally reach October 1st. It is certainly an exciting time, and we’ll be sure to update the site with whatever comes next, so make sure you stay tuned!