Bungie Answers FAQs

IGN sent some questions Bungie’s way, and Eric “urk” Osborne was kind enough to answer them.

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CaramelRanger asks: How large are the “raids/dungeons” going to be?

The Raid team is very cagey with the details they want to share pre-launch. The most satisfying and rewarding aspects of the Raid require that we let you experience it fresh, so you can figure it out for yourself alongside a crew of your friends. They are easily the largest, most complex, and challenging single activity we have ever attempted to build. They’re designed to punish your for failure, and reward you for planning, cooperation, skill, and execution. Good luck!

smerfsoccer09 asks: can you explain the “Golden Chests”? I have 2/5 but no clue what they are.

Each destination has several hidden Gold Chests for you to find. They have treasure inside, and if you collect them all, you might earn yourself a bigger prize. There are also other treasure chests spread out all over the worlds of Destiny. Some of them are hidden fairly well, and a lot of fun to find. I like to pretend that I’m Nicholas Cage, hot on the trail of ancient secrets.

WandlerKyle asks: How does the PvP play out with different leveled guns?

There are a couple of PvP flavors in Destiny when it comes to power level. The standard Crucible playlists disable Level Advantages to ensure a fair fight. Iron Banner, a timed playlist, turns power on, inviting players to test out their best guns and gear. Like most activities in Destiny, both are optional. Like all activities, they both feature unique gear you can use to show other players what you’ve been up to when you head back to the Tower.

Xenoblade013 asks: Will the Destiny Companion App come to Windows Phone 8?

For Destiny’s launch, we’re supporting Android and iOS. Windows Phone is obviously on our radar – we see requests pop up from time to time – but right now the team is focused on the two announced mobile platforms, and the desktop version of the Destiny Companion.

Issam asks: Will Destiny feature a traditional single-player campaign, or will it be a mix of co-op as seen in the Beta?

The story missions in the Beta are indicative of the overall structure of Destiny’s campaign missions. You can head out alone, and all of the private moments, like cinematics and climatic encounters, are yours and yours alone. Those moments will often come before and after your adventures move you through crossroad spaces, where other Guardians are out on their own adventures.

Mostafa Hani Sobhi asks: Will the game feature more character customization options?

The Beta was a small sampling of the armor, weapons, gear, and abilities you can earn in Destiny. Typically, the higher level the gear, the more unique and creative it will look! Some players have already found some of the really crazy looking stuff in Beta (you can look, but you can’t touch!).

The general complaint with Destiny has been the lack of a proper chat system. Will there be team chat in multiplayer and proximity chat in story missions in the final game?

We’ve seen the feedback, and there’s quite a bit of ongoing discussion happening around this right now. I don’t have a definitive decision, but I can say that the team wanted to err on the side of promoting and fostering positive communications between strangers in the world, and knew that friends were going to find simple and effective ways to enable voice chat with friends through the Fireteam audio channel, and platform chat. We hear you, though. Please keep sounding off with feedback. We’re just getting started!

Why can’t we name our Guardians? Will that option be available in the full game or are we stuck with our Gamertags/IDs?

The team thought a lot about how best to have players identify themselves in the world. Ultimately, we’ve landed on PSN ID and Xbox LIVE Gamertag, so other people don’t have to manage a third list of identities (real name, platform tag, Destiny character name).

Will the Tower Hub be expanded in the full version (because of the closed doors that were present in the beta)?

One of those doors already opened up in the Beta! But the Tower has a few other surprises…

How long will the campaign be? As the Beta revealed a lot about the story and I loved it!

We’re aiming for a substantial story campaign, and the mileage you get will vary :-). If you finish it as fast as possible and never go back, we want it to feel satisfying. If you want to go back and experience it in a different way, be that by selecting a different difficulty, as a different class, with your friends in tow, or via some stuff we’re doing in the Director to switch it up, you’ll get even more out of it.