Best Controller Layout?

User Black Coffee┬áposes a good question: What’s the best layout? Read the full article here.



Destiny Public Alpha_20140612230436

Pretty standard, somewhere between the normal Halo and COD configuration. Melee and grenades are both on the bumpers which makes them fairly easy to use. Super is on dual press of both bumpers, this can be a little finicky and has the chance to go wrong at the most inopportune times. Most gamers will feel comfortable quickly with this set up.

Green Thumb

Destiny Public Alpha_20140612230448

Melee is swapped to the R3. This is faster than having it on a bumper as your thumb will always be on the right stick unless you are jumping. If you play a lot of COD this will also feel more natural. This switches Highlight Player to R1 which is a real waste of what is prime real-estate on the controller. Super stays on the dual press.

Cold Shoulder

Destiny Public Alpha_20140612230454

The same as Green Thumb except Highlight Player is swapped with Grenade.


Destiny Public Alpha_20140612230500

Default with bumper and triggers mirrored. Personally I would never use this but its great that they have the option for people who are insane!


Destiny Public Alpha_20140612230505

Jump is now moved to the L1, allowing jumping while aiming. Keep in-mind movement abilities for both the Titan and Warlock are canceled when aiming down sights, this then best benefits hip firing, and the Hunter class. Super is moved to X removing your ability to aim while activating, not the biggest problem but I did feel like it affected my Nova Bomb accuracy. Again great for Hunters who normally activate their super outside of combat. Highlight Player on L1 + R1 puts the most useless action on the most awkward button press.


Destiny Public Alpha_20140612230509

Swaps Crouch and Highlight Player. Having crouch on the R3 gives so much more control over slides. Tapping crouch while running is a powerful maneuver that can confuse opponents up close and get you out of trouble. Paired with the shotgun, the slide can be a deadly combination. Puppeteer is the only layout that allows you to aim while sliding.


So which to choose?

Default might feel most natural, but…

  • To stay deadly in the air and have precision control of your vertical movement choose Jumper
  • If you want to keep jump on X choose Green Thumb for faster melees.
  • To improve your slide mastery try Puppeteer

Which controller layout feels the best for you?